Update 1.12.1: New Personalization Elements

  • Last Man Standing
  • Place Your Ad Here
  • IMBA!
  • Working as Intended
  • Clan Is Recruiting
  • 5k DPG Warrior
  • GG WP
  • Stop Using Small Kits!
  • Redline Warrior
  • What is Löwe

GuP Stickers

  • Ōarai Girls High School
  • St. Gloriana Girls College
  • Saunders University High School
  • Anzio Girls High School
  • Pravda Girls High School
  • Kuromorimine Girls High School


  • Panzer Vor!
  • One
  • Four
  • Six
  • Seven
  • Eight

  • Driver Injured!
  • Could Be Worse
  • Eye for an Eye
  • Gold Button
  • Aim Here
  • This Side Up
  • Commander Injured!
  • Adopt a Tomato
  • Fragile
  • Happy Eyes

18 thoughts on “Update 1.12.1: New Personalization Elements

  1. Thanks for the info , as usual before than any other web.. but we still miss some historical cammos.. not so many useless inscriptions and stickers 🙁

    1. Indeed. I got 2 exams today rip me, but the blog is more important than everything, thanks for reading

  2. “Stop Using Small Kits!”
    what is this misery?
    even as a joke is disgusting in current state of the game

  3. Is there any way to remove those and every other useless shit from depot?
    Or to hide it, i don’t want to look at those childish stickers in tank game.

    1. There are filters that only display historical elements, but I don’t think they’re persistent (which reduces their uselessness).

  4. Stop Using Small Kits!

    This and the golden 2-key are egregious.

    WG is so out of their mind they think making fun of cancer issues of their own game is good.

    1. These Inscriptions and Stickers are actually based on Player suggestions. Just saying 🙂

      1. the miserable part is that WG doesnt realise that players suggestions are ironic…

        1. Trust me, they weren’t. Was part of the suggestion-collection-process for eu myself.
          Good natured jokes, especially about things commonly said.

  5. Why can’t we sell or trade these stickers,emblems,decals,skins,and signatures?? i know some you can but a large percentage you can’t.

    1. That would result in you having extra credits that you would otherwise have to purchase or grind. But hey, if you want to grind credits faster you may be interested in a premium account…

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