Update 1.12.1: 🇩🇪 Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H Ankou

As a result of the current collaboration, a new tank from the Girls und Panzer series will be added to World of Tanks PC, and it will be the German Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H Ankou. We could already meet the vehicle before in World of Tanks Blitz and on consoles.

The vehicle itself was already available as an official mod in 2018.

Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H Ankou. Statistics with crew at 100%:

Tier: MT-5, Germany, premium
HP: 630
Engine: 440 hp
Mass: 25,0 t
Maximum load: 28,0 t
Power-to-weight: 17,6 hp / t
Max speed / Reverse speed: 40 / – 18 km / h
Hull turning speed: 33,38 °/s
Gun turning speed: 45,89 °/s
Terrain resistance values: — / — / —
View range: 350 m
Radio range: 647 m

Hull armor: 80 / 30 / 20 mm
Turret armor: 50 / 30 / 30 mm

Gun: 7,5 cm Kw.K. 40 L/48

Alpha damage: 110 / 110 / 175
Penetration: 110 / 158 / 38 mm
Rate of fire: 15,65 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 1 721
Damage per minute with HE shells: 2 738
Reload time: 3,84 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,37
Aiming time: 2,21 s
Depression / Elevation: -10 ° / +20 °

Crew – 5 members: Commander, Driver, Gunner, Radio operator and Loader.

Camouflage values:

  • Stationary tank camouflage: 14,93 / 3,69 % (for the stationary tank / for the stationary tank after firing a shot);
  • Camouflage of the tank during motion: 11,17 / 2,76 % (for the tank during movement / for the tank during movement after firing a shot).

More pictures:

Unique crew members:

85 thoughts on “Update 1.12.1: 🇩🇪 Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H Ankou

    1. Didn’t they already have two as exclusives for another server?

      My knowledge on the topic is very limited, but I think one of them was named ‘the Nameless’
      Anyway – good addition if you ask me

        1. Which…is not an anime?
          Sorry, I thought the discussion was about anime tanks in general, not only GuP 😐

          I should be paying more attention to this sort of stuff

              1. Apologies for you both and everyone else above, I honestly thought it was also an anime. My bad on this one – I know it’s not nice when people pull bullshit facts out of their arse, and I’m guilty this time. Still – it seems to me like their general style is anime-ish ^^ Nit an excuse for earlier ofc, but it should trigger haters just as much as an actual anime, right?

                1. I don’t think any offence was taken. Not everyone is interested in anime. Nobody knows ALL the anime. All you did was ask questions without being rude about the topic.

  1. Wow, I hate anime. So sick of the infantilisation of our culture.

    1. talking about infantilization is rich of you when you yourself are part of community of a game that censors communication, silences dissenting opinions from their own community creators, intentionally avoid blood and gore, all the while pandering to those with low impulse control by shoving advertisements of increasingly overpowered pixel tanks.

      But wait, you draw the line at a collaboration for an anime tank? One that you have the option to never see due to the “realistic skins” option existing?

      Also none of this is (your) culture. you are reading a blog hosted in the USA ran by an Indian guy about a video game developed by Russians in collaboration with a Japanese Rights management company that represents thousands of manga artist worldwide.

      if you really hate “infantilization” of culture, you would do something more than complaining about it on a niche russian tank game fan blog, otherwise, you are not as angry as you say you are

      1. I’m Romanian lmao, not Indian. Is my English that bad?! And Cloudey, my host, uses German servers mainly. o7

        1. Well all that bob and vegana talk might’ve misled some people

          Or maybe they’re trying to imply you’re one of dem brown skinned Romanians?

      2. What makes you think that I am drawing the line here? I agree that the chat rules are made by snowflakes. Do you know how many times I have been chat-banned? Also, how is selling overpowered premium tank infantile? It isn’t. It is just greedy.

    2. Not all anime is bad. Seinen is great. Wish there were more like Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo…

  2. its starting, weabo trash on wot, just like blitz or warships.
    wait is this a joke?

    1. Well just quit the game and play the all-serious WT then. Pretty sure that ine’s made to appeal to veterans and boomers like you, sir.
      Please do quit though – having one less active tomato is always welcome news

      1. What’s wrong with you? Why do you want players to leave a game that you appearently enjoy? Do you understand that when enough players have left you will spend five minutes in the queue to get a single game?
        Also two other remarks regarding your reply:
        1) Don’t compare WoT to WT. Just because both games are about tanks doesn’t make them interchangeable. WT has plenty of other elements that some players might not want and WoT has a unique “feeling” to it that WT can’t replace.
        2) Less red players in the game means that there will also be less purple players in the game. Purple players are purple because of the red players. If you want to deny this, think for a while what would happen if you made a separate server only for purple players.

        1. -nothing at all wrong with me
          -I enjoy the game, but most of the playerbase kakes it nigh unplayable. Teamwork has been absolutely dead for years, and often my own teammates damage our chances of victory more than the enemies contribute to that. Basically feels like most battles are just throws these days
          -I don’t mind waiting if battle quality is gonna go significantly up
          1) I’m not comparing them, just described WT independently
          2) I don’t give a bull’s crap about stats. I just wanna get that satisfaction of winning a battle due to good teamplay more than once every 1k battles

          1. If you want teamplay, here is a cool trick to get some. Every cool nonboomer uses it!

            Get friends or make kids. Dogs or cats will also do the job!
            Introduce them to WoT.
            Play in a platoon.


            1. Sure sure!
              Implement 15-man platoons and I’ll stop crying THAT VERY INSTANT, I promise.
              Otherwise…your argument doesn’t stand for shit, I’m afraid.
              Go try to bait someone else, little fella

              1. Silly sausage who think the world revolves around him, if you go in a battle with a 15man platoon and all of your friends do good just as you, at most you can do 2-2,5k damage. That is not enough for good stats and therefore most good players will not be happy.

                You know, Im talking about the ones that have market value and can advertise the game via social media therefore useful for the business. Unlike special ones ranting like a Karen.

                And if a good player would play with 14 bad players in a platoon there is no difference to how it is atm.

                So just play a 3man pluton and influence the match in your advantage… if you are good enuf.

                If not, then git gud nab kk10xbai.

  3. This puts me in a difficult spot. I like German tanks, but I hate anime. Jeez.

    1. all we can do is hope that it will be possible to remove the 2D skin and turn off the squeaky commander voice over (if there is one – they did it on WoWs, so I’d expect it).

      1. It’s probably considered a non-historical skin, so it should show up as a regular PZ4H. Plus, the voiceover wouldnt matter anyways if you use the national crew announcers. Also that implies you would buy the tank, which you have zero reason to do if you dont like the franchise.

  4. So a literal advert camo from that netshits series the boys is fine, but this isn’t?
    Talking about double standards.


    Aa an an aa an an
    Aa an aa an an an an

    Ano ko kai itaya ano umi koete
    Atama no akari wa ai no akashi
    Moyashite kogashite yuura yura
    Moyashite kogashite yuura yura
    Kocchi kite an an
    Nigenaide an an
    Nami ni yurarete an an an

    Ashita aimasho ano hama chikaku
    Anata no akari wa koi no hikari
    Sasotte jirashite pikkapika
    Sasotte jirashite pikkapika
    Aishite an an
    Nakasanaide an an
    Iya yo ii wa yo an an an

    Atsui atta ka anata no karada
    Atama no akari wa chotto jama ne
    Itamete nikonde hokkahoka
    Itamete nikonde hokkahoka
    Onabe wa atsu atsu
    Oishikutte atsu atsu
    Miso de shouyu de attsu atsu

    1. It’s a matter of individual taste, mate, so there’s no point arguing about it. Anime is obviously your thing, so I could not be happier for you.

      1. ^this. Very mature comment

        We just gotta tolerate each other’s differences in taste. If some people like a style and others hate it, I say let’s put it in, nobody’s gonna be forced to apply it to their own tank, right?

        1. So it is a mature comment just because you agree with it? In my opinion it’s immature of you to push your anime interests into different spheres such as WoT. This is a game about tanks and as such the game should focus on that. You are fully entitled to anime but why do you feel the urge to push it into WoT? Can’t you enjoy anime outside of WoT and then play WoT when you’ve had your daily dose of anime?

          1. Ah gotcha fella, troll on. Sorry. Didn’t realise you were just doing this for fun when I read your earlier comment, I thought you were serious :))))

            Have fun ^^ Seems that the people handling TAP don’t care

            1. No, I’m not trolling and yes, I’m serius. I have to say you draw very weird conclusions. Someone is mature because you agree with them and someone is trolling because he’s questioning your reasoning. Or maybe you just didn’t have any good response to my post so it was just easier to dismiss it as trolling…
              So I ask you again: why can’t you do anime in anime and WoT in WoT? Why do you feel the urge to push anime into a sphere where it doesn’t belong?

              1. Well, the same could be said about some comic being forced into WoT.
                E.g. the boys.
                Same thing really. Why do I get some murikan comic forced into “my” game?

                1. I’m not defending those cases as they don’t belong in the game either. I’m even against the clown camos (potatoes, presents, socks, etc), snow maidens, santa etc. None of that belongs in this game. This is a game about tanks and history and as such the game should focus on being as historically accurate and realistic as possible (of course without negatively impacting the fun). They did this quite well back in 2011 but since then they’ve drifted towards a fantasy based circus.

              2. He said that comment was mature because it was someone respecting someone else’s opinion and letting them do what they enjoy, whilst you seem to want to prevent people from having what they want because you dislike those things personally.

                Look at it like this:
                There exists a substantial amount of crossover between GuP and WoT fans. If they are willing to pay for a collaboration, why not do it? Given the systems in place in WoT for these kinds of things, what do you stand to lose?

            2. I got exams coming next week, can’t bother with moderating comments atm

  5. I like Japanese stuff, girls and tanks so it’s a win all around for me. Wish it was a tier 6 though, after equipment 2.0 that’s where the “real” full featured tanks begin.

    1. Tier 6 has always been more interesting for premium tanks, afaik, because skirmishes etc. Along with tier 8, of course.

  6. Why are they destroying the game with even more fictional bullcrap? This is a tank game, anime doesn’t belong here. If someone wants anime, they can watch anime or play an anime game, not World of Tanks. I’m honestly losing my interest in this game just because WG continues to add more and more different fantasy shit.

    1. E50M, T28 Proto, T-25/2, Type 2605, and of course WT Auf E100 says hello

      1. Ah look the traditional dumb reply you usually get when this topic turns up. Yes, plenty of other things in the game are unrealistic aswell, but that doesn’t mean they should continue on that path and make it even worse. If you get an infected wound, does that mean you intentionally get five other wounds and make them infected aswell? Please, use your brain before writing dumb replies, I’m tired of human stupidity.

    2. It’s a real tank with a small decal paint job. You can more or less make the Pz IV now look 90% like it using paint. I don’t think this will ruin your imersion more than a painted PZ VI will tbh.

      1. Well to be fair I don’t like the ridiculous paints either, for example purple hull pink turret, or when people put camo only on the hull but not on the rest of the tank. It is great that WG extended the customization but they should prevent players from going crazy with it.
        For me this will have a quite large impact since plenty of historical vehicles are located in the same tier range as this tank and in addition to that:
        1) I will still see the tank name in the team list, comparison list, kill cam, etc.
        2) I will still see the tank if some streamer that I watch decides to play it.

        1. Seeing a different name in a team list is bad why? It will look like a normal tank to you.
          Is the fact that someone is not playing with the same visual appearances you are enough to upset you?
          And the streamer thing seems like the biggest non issue in existence.

  7. This is a good addition. For my Panzer IV H with the derp 10.5cm gun. When i blown them up while they realize they wasted 20€ on a Nippon-esque tank

    1. Because a Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausfürung H only had the 7.5cm cannon?

      And if anything, we need fewer derps in WoT.

    1. with Arnie as commander and unique Austro-American voice over… I’d buy that for a dollar!
      but someone would have to forward this idea to WG and give them a motivational kick in the “ongdongee” to get this done.

  8. The stats for this are worse than for the Pz IIIK.
    43mm penetration lol

  9. Imagine crying about anime on a topic about a balanced low tier tank in a video game about pixel tanks that has so many other issues.
    Even better, imagine writing a whole wall of text defending it.
    Imagine that I actually made an account to write this comment

    1. So…you’re just as dumb as the rest of us hahahaha
      Welcone to TAP, mate 😀
      (But seriously, finally someone who doesn’t take things too seriously, keep that up ^^ )

  10. It is a T5 tank guys. If you hate it, you’ll probably never meet it as most of us hardly play below T8. Let the anime fans have their little tanks and move on 😉

  11. So many cringe comments from the “anime haters” hahaha :’D

    I’ll tell you a secret – open settings, toggle the option to not see unhistorical content (camos and styles) and voila, no East Asian cartoons in your hurr durr Manly Game for Men(tm).

    Meanwhile, I hope this won’t be the only GuP tank, it was cool when Nishizumi77 was active and updated the whole GuP modpack (which included the Pz IV skin).

    1. Remove ‘tanks’ from the equation and I’m absolutely convinced you’d very muvh enjoy it. You do seem like the kind of person who’d be like that on a daily basis

      1. “BethHarmon (ex-Forum Moderator)Gay ass faggot fairy”

        Hey, I know somebody like that and he’s an absolutely badass US Army infantry veteran and champion for liberty and equality! A true American hero! If he was a tanker instead of infantryman I’d want him available as an in-game commander.


  12. will be buying it! Really like the white flag wreck and I want those custom crews. i hope more comes in the future!

  13. Who is the target audience, children? How about barb wire, blood and guts? That is a part of war, unlike anime,socks, crayons, balloons and what not.

    1. I’m among the target audience so maybe I can help explain. I like realistic stuff too and I want that kind of content in the game as well. I do like cutesy, silly, whimsical and even outright feminine content because there’s already plenty of horrible stuff in the real world and it’s nice to get away from it once in a while. I’ve seen and experienced quite a bit of real violence, I understand completely that it is often necessary for good people to physically fight back against the physical violence of bad people but I don’t need or want a steady diet of realistic violence in all content I consume.

      1. I feel you and I understand exactly what you mean since I’m also fed up with human violence and destruction. But with that said, I still have to point this out, without any offense intended. Don’t you think that a game about war and killing machines is the wrong area to visit when you feel that you want a break from violence? Wouldn’t it be better if WoT properly modelled a war with blood and destruction, and when we feel that we had enough of it, we do something else outside of WoT? In your case for example, that could be to watch anime 🙂

        1. Yeah, I can see the irony. I think the difference is a game like WOT isn’t really about violence to me it’s about impressive machinery, history, tactics, strategy, achievement, competition, etc. Our crew members are indestructible cyborgs that can be brought back to life during the game even and of course the players themselves are never killed, the tanks are always completely repairable and so on. The fact that tanks are weapons isn’t lost on me either but I do see weapons as something good people need to resist evil not as evil objects themselves. Even if all evil was miraculously banished forever it would still be interesting and valuable to study and practice with weapons in non-violent ways as recreation and martial art which is kind of what GuP is about I guess.

          Lots of video games have adjustable settings for gore and WOT has adjustable settings for historical and non-historical elements. I think it would be great if they were able to further tweak that stuff so players could make their experience fit their preferences better. While I don’t have a problem with it I’m aware some non-historical elements do make it past the filter and some players would be happier if none did. WOWS is experimenting with an Axis vs Allies mode, maybe something like that in WOT would be welcome.

        2. There’s plenty of anime with blood and destruction on it. If that’s your criteria for what should go in the game, surely you will not mind adding those skins right?

          Seriously, this is a non-issue. Let the people who want it have it and you will never even have to look at it.

    2. You should watch anime like Fist of the North Star then. It’s about Bruce Lee as Max Rockatansky punching people so hard their heads explode, it’s great.
      There’s plenty of hyper-violent anime out there for you, since you seem like the kind of dullard that thinks anything without organs and blood flying everywhere is just “kiddy shit”.

  14. All times i see thiese tanks in the game i will push them into enemy shootings

  15. Wow this thing seems to trigger some people really hard. As if the game didn’t have any other problems. Or mankind, for that matter.

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