Update 1.12.1: πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Kpz 07 RH

In Update 1.12.1, the price of the tank in gold was changed from 100 to 8,200, and the status “Hidden” and “Tested” were removed.

Vehicle completely ready for release.

10 thoughts on “Update 1.12.1: πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Kpz 07 RH

  1. A light/medium hybrid. Ugly as fuck and probably historical as Mickey Mouse, but as far as I can tell this might be the first really competetive Tier VIII German medium. Fast enough to compete in the broken new high-speed meta as defined by Bourrasques and the insipid wheeled tanks.

    1. This thing will even be way worse than a Panther 8.8! Take a look at the gunhandling (especially the after shot dispersion), but way more important: take a look at the terrain resistances! This thing won’t even hit 45 km/h on most maps – the 65 km/h are just a bait.

      The meta is alpha, which may only be replaced by more alpha! Oh and, this thing has (it is german afterall), completely retarded camo ofc, of ~31% with bond equipment. Everything will outspot you everywhere. Have fun going 45 in your non armored, low-hp pie-shooter, with 205mm (lul) pen and 255 HEAT, in all these T8 with Borat / Progetto, LIS, Even / LT-432 games and ofc these 70%+ Tier X / 8 Lights / 6 Arty game on corridor maps, where 200 Alpha don’t even scare a spotted Arta.

      Dead on arrival.

      P.S. If WG ever wanted to introduce a really fitting german T8 prem med, they could’ve:

      1) Changed Panther 8.8 (complete fictional) to E-50 Prototype, with the E 50 hull, bot worse LFP and ~320 Alpha.

      2) Added a Leo PTA V1 with 360 Alpha.

      1. This tank has three problems

        High ground resistance on soft terrain
        Horrible post-firing bloom (a common thing of premiums as of late)
        Progetto 46 exists

        Looks good otherwise, I’d certainly play this over any other Tier 8 German medium.

        Also, there are LTs that do fine with less cammo than this one, just abuse the magic WG bushes.

      2. Checked the stats. The mobility should actually be pretty comparable to the M 41 90mm, except on soft terrain. Otherwise they are quite similar; M 41 has a bit higher top speed, but the 07’s power-to-weight ratio is actually a bit better. Took the M 41 for a ride to test it out; if that’s how the 07 performs, then it will be quite nimble. Worst thing about it is probably the bloom after firing, but you can get it down quite a bit with food and equipment. And I personally hope to use this thing to hunt down fucking EBRs with HE shells in close combat, so that might work. I hope.

        1. you fight back ebrs with good shell velocity, in my experience, Leopard and K91.
          They should add the 60mm high velocity in tier 7/8 to make them bleed
          For example, the Sherman M-60

      3. “1) Changed Panther 8.8 (complete fictional) to E-50 Prototype, with the E 50 hull, bot worse LFP and ~320 Alpha.

        2) Added a Leo PTA V1 with 360 Alpha.”

        I dont like this ideas. WG should do the other side of the coin,allow the tier 7 premium tanks to have the same credits earning, as far as i can see we already have a big spam of tier 8 premiums.
        We need more tier 7 and 9 premiums that gain credits.
        Panther 8.8 should always be a tier 7, but now is overbuffed so it cant go down a tier, Same goes for KV-5.
        Sad that wg dont see more than tier 8 in this game.

  2. The HE/dpm is nice and I think the mobility should be decent enough. I’m kinda looking forward to it.

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