How many blueprints do you need for the new Czech heavy line?

The new Czechoslovakian branch of HTs will soon appear on the Supertest. In the meantime, you can save blueprints from the Battle Pass for fast and almost free leveling of the branch, without spending precious XP. Here are all the amounts:

In total, you will need from tiers 7 to 10:

-408 universal fragments.
-126 national fragments of Czechoslovakia.

Vz. 44-1 ( Czechoslovakia, HT-7)

64 universal fragments.
24 national fragments of Czechoslovakia.

TNH 105/1000 ( Czechoslovakia, HT-8)

80 universal fragments.
24 national fragments of Czechoslovakia.

TNH T Vz. 51 ( Czechoslovakia, HT-9)

120 universal fragments.
30 national fragments of Czechoslovakia.

Vz. 55 ( Czechoslovakia, HT-10)

144 universal fragments.
48 national fragments of Czechoslovakia.

If you don’t have enough blueprints/fragments for all tanks, start from tier X.

10 thoughts on “How many blueprints do you need for the new Czech heavy line?

    1. its like how many staff members for WG go to museums, or libraries and dig up all of these fantasy”tanks that are on paper” tanks. Then they have us do a blue print exchange and don’t tell us whats coming up in the next few months and we get rid of all of those extra blue prints where we could have saved them. Look, Czech as one line and i am sure a lot of us had alot of extra blue prints. This is not world of tanks, its WOFantasy Tanks

      1. To be honest i dont care about “fantasy” tanks if they at least reedo and remake the old branches, to be honest start with the German TD line (original one, not grilles).
        Move it down almost every tank a tier, remove the fake guns and we are done.

        Stug F to F/8 tier 4 with L43 and L48, Jpz 4 tier 5 with l/70, jagdpanther tier 6 (with 2 l/81 one improves accuracy and reload etc), ferdinand at tier 7 with 88 71 and maybe a 105 (not the fake 128)
        Jagdpanther II or jagdtiger historical at tier 8. Jagdtiger L66 at tier 9, jagdE100. That way the line will have more logic than now.
        Also stug B (actually wrong name it should be named Stug E/Stug F (first version only have 50mm at front then they added 30mm more) be at tier 3 and have a short 75mm at the start and maximum L/43

        Same goes for american mediums: tier 6 T20 with 76mm, tier 7 T23/T25, tier 8 M26/M46E1 (tier 9 patton turret but with a 90mm) tier 9 M48A3 (good 90mm), tier x M48A5 105.
        Sorry the 105 patton in tier 9 should gone. And it will make place for the M47 Spanish patton with 105.
        Remove the 105 of the Type 61 and put 2, 90mm but big buffs (actually that 90mm is overnerfed)

  1. I ran out of universal blueprints, my strategy was to used all on lower tiers ( now that I have enough tier 10 tanks) , and now I have all finished up until tier 6, this will help get blueprints from tier 6 to 10 from mission and so on.

    I have a commander + 3 crew skills for czech tanks, so I will probably convert god to free exp, when bonus for x40 will be available, then discover all the line

  2. i had rebuy Skoda i can get the tier 7 when it comes out, should have 40 to 50 K exp by then. i have 12 universal & 40 National so the next few will be a grind

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