Update 1.12.1: Common Test 3 Is Here! (Patchnotes)

The third round of testing ahead of Update 1.12.1 has begun. Make sure to check out the upcoming changes listed in the patch notes below and in the previous announcements: CT 1 and CT 2.

Please continue to provide your feedback and suggestions in the forum.

Patchnotes CT 3

Main Changes

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the issue of the context menu being called while watching the video about the stage elements.
  • Fixed the issue of incorrect text being displayed in notifications after purchasing an Improved Pass bundle for the three Chapters and daily gold crediting.
  • Fixed the issue of technical text being displayed in the 3D style preview window.

4 thoughts on “Update 1.12.1: Common Test 3 Is Here! (Patchnotes)

  1. A common test that fixes nothing – what a waste of fucking resoruces.

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