WoT Supertest – New Maps: Dalny + Last Frontier

We have yet MORE maps for the supertest!

So let’s start with;


General Description:

  • English Name: Remote Town
  • Map size: 1000×1000 meters
  • Game mode: Standard Battle
  • Setting: autumn


II. Gameplay

A spacious, open map with many opportunities to spot enemies and fight from cover.

  1. A town with good cover from artillery.
  2. A short route for a fast breakthrough.
  3. A relatively safe, but very long, alternative route through a mountain.

Now then let’s move on to:

Last Frontier

 General Description:

  • A map for Standard Battles.
  • Map size: 1000×1000 meters
  • Location: Europe
  • Season: summer
  • Evening


Positions and Lines:

  1. A lowland, well protected from fire from the sides. Allows tough vehicles not to worry about being flanked. However, the more elevated parts of zone 1 has lines of fire to zone 2.
  2. A position with influence on some parts of zone 1, with a view towards the bases.
  3. Central zone. Connected with zones 2 and 4. Generally, creates one big front.
  4. A dangerous passage for spotting hills in position 5. Not primary. More of an alternative route.
  5. Positions for long-range shooting.

10 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – New Maps: Dalny + Last Frontier

  1. What’s wrong with this “map planners”? 50% of all maps are a complete waste of space! Useless space! 50% are water, big open fields or massive mountains! This guys are genius…. NOT! Plus, why always mirror maps now? Christ…..

      1. Mate… I’ll give you some time to search for the meaning of mirror maps in WOT! …. Then have a look on both!

  2. I doubt WG are making all these new maps themselves. I imagine they got contractors on board, perhaps letting them compete for new map designs. Would not be the first time they outsourced the design of maps, after all.

    1. Nope not that, in Minsk …
      after the Vodka and coke late afternoon breaks the WG Devs get the expensive hookers that aren’t too badly stoned to draw out new Maps (and new Premium T8 Vehicle ideas) for them onto the crisp Egyptian cotton bedsheets in there 7 star penthouse hotel suites

      that’s why all the ‘new’ Maps in recent years are so good

      (of course playing WOT while you the player is stoned or drunk or both is better, does vastly improve your playing experience and your appreciation of the subtleties of the Newer Map designs

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