28 thoughts on “WoT Black Market Day 2 Offer 1: M10 RBFM Auction

  1. A joke black market
    Minimim bid for a joke tank lpc was 7 milion on eu
    That tank dosen’t worth more than 3
    But ppl with 300 milion in garage bid 10 milion ๐Ÿ˜‚

      1. Seb, you said in an earlier comment ‘I bet a bit over 6 mil.’

        The minimum bid was over 7M, apparently.

        Was the other guy’s 7M figure wrong? Or were you lying yesterday?

        Edit: I am dumb and my comment was redundant, apparently the minimum bid was about 6M. Apologies fellas

    1. Its worth it . Getting a 40 dollar tank for 2 days of grinding credits . Yea that is worth it. Even if you are not the best player you could make 4 million in a week even without premium time if you dont shoot gold and do your best .

  2. It came out to be a normal sale in ASIA

    Due to the legal issues they decided not to include open auctions and gold auctions

    So it’s going to be either normal sale or closed credit auction here

    1. The m10 was a mini marathon. The tank is really fun and im not big on low tiers plus it came with a cool style . The TL was supposed to be a marathon but they cancelled it . There is a badge for people who got it for free yet the marathon was cancelled .

  3. i think there was a marathon long time ago, and i got mine from that marathon, i think

  4. Dude getting premium tier 8s for no matter how many credits is worth it. Considering the only other way is to pay for them yea even 25 million is a good deal instead of 40 us dollars .

    1. then you have to grind couple of months to get those credits back, while you can get 40$ in couple of days of work.

      1. i can grind 1 mil in like an hour, 2 if i don’t use credit boosters. + you can grind those credits anyway, just by playing . so it is still better to use credits than to spend money

  5. I guess we have been had, lol.

    I got the M10 in the Normandy campaign that had it as a prize, cannot even sell it because it’s valued at 1k credits… ๐Ÿ™

    I also don’t get the point of these auctions. Like, okay if WG auctioned the T-22 or the Qilin, I’m sure they’d make a ton of money off whales and collectors, but normal stuff like TL1 or even this French turd here? Come on.

  6. Tier 5 yeah but its a wolf in sheep’s clothing… Almost as good a seal clubber as the t67.

    1. 301 did it for me as bids never exceeded number of items. Changed it down in the last second from 404

      1. Got mine for 300 Flat. Not a bad deal for something Ill probably never drive.
        Better than its asking price of 1400 Bonds

  7. 340 gold in NA, its okey. Cheaper than 1500 bonds, seems like all people win it or buy it for bonds, i does not play the maraton.
    1500 bonds cost me more time than 340 gold i won in 1 tournament

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