Black Market – WT Auf E-100 Coming?

Take this with a huge grain of salt. It might not happen. The source is usually reputable. This is likely a joke, though.

Replacement for WZ-111 Qilin & T-22 sr on the WoT Black Market

Insiders are delivering urgent morning news from Cyprus.

Replacing the WZ-111 Qilin & T-22 sr offers:

  • Waffenträger auf E 100 (P) Mod (Germany, TD-10, special) – sale.

21 thoughts on “Black Market – WT Auf E-100 Coming?

  1. The tank isn’t even visible in the game, they’d need a micropatch to enable it.

    1. There it is:

      Small update on March 5 in World of Tanks
      Tomorrow, March 5, a small update will be released in World of Tanks to fix some technical bugs.

      Game servers and the clan portal will be unavailable from 06:00 to 06:45 (GMT). Planned server restarts have been canceled.

      Me: Surely they won’t call it “We’re adding WT E 100 (P)”


      1. Yup saw that a few minutes after my comment lol, we’re fucked. But in a way I’m glad if they replace the T-22sr with it. It would be a huge slap in the face of everyone if the only way to get the tank was either through spending 200€ un gold or through cheating 4 years earlier…

  2. If qinlin can be brought across from “a completely different game and developer” (as the faggot bitches say) then the waffle iron can too.

    Most likely a joke, BUT WG have just announced a very special final auction with it’s own special rules…

    1. Where did you get that info about the “very special final auction”?

        1. thx bud, but there is no such indication. Can you quote it to me? Or am I blind?

  3. We are not 2014 the tank would not perform as well as it dis previously. Fast spotting thanks to those wheely and he is dead

    1. It can still clip almost every tank in the game within 8 seconds with lazer accuracy, a full turret and great shell velocity. The tank would not perform worse than an FV4005 as far as surviving goes, but the gun would be much more dangerous.

  4. Image looks photoshoped to me. Weird lighting and overall a weird “fake”-feeling

  5. Looks like photoshop, like it’s put in front to replace the tank in the backrgound, something is just weird about it

  6. I think Wargaming are having a good laugh at the expense of the community here. Can’t say I blame them; I would definitely do the same if I stood in their shoes.

  7. Did they not fiddle with the WT-e100 some years back and make a tier 8 prem of it on some server or other? Or was this some hoax or maybe a faded memory?

  8. I mean, why not?

    They are willing to make the T-22, of all things, available to a wider audience, and they are also aware many have been begging for the WTF E 100’s return ever since it was removed.

    Would be fun if people sell their houses for this thing, and then find out it’s nowhere as stupid as it used to be because of five-six years of powercreep.

  9. That picture is most likely fake:

    Look at the relative dimensions to the other BM vehicles, especially the Foch. The WT is a little bigger than it should be. This probably happened because the tank underneath the WT had to be completely covered.

    The colours are off. If you look at the other BM vehicles you can see that the national colour of the vehicles are still vaguely present. The WT is painted in a strong black though. This wouldn’t be a problem if a black version of the WT existed, but as of now it does not.
    Colour editing is hard, that’s probably the reason for the colours being off.

    All vehicles are frontally illuminated by a noticeable sunlike light, this is especially noticeable on all tanks that are not illuminated by the background spotlights – like the WT – namely A-32, Foch 155, Somua SM. The picture of the WT is completely lacking that light.
    Adding a new light source to a picture without completely messing up the original is really hard. That’s probably the reason it wasn’t added.

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