Update 1.12: Price Changes (Black Market)

14 thoughts on “Update 1.12: Price Changes (Black Market)

  1. Kunze and K-91-PT are going to be new rewards for the now-defunct expedition tokens, so they will come with the Battle Pass.

    Charlemagne is most likely going to be a regular premium tank, but if WG makes it a marathon one they’re out of their minds (never mind the marathon being a horseshit event, but the tank itself is quite crappy this time).

    T-22sr and AFK Panther could be Black Market stuff.

    And the big surprise here is the Qilin, I thought that was CHN exclusive (it’s a better 5A for those wondering).

    1. It’s stats were changed to match THE regular WZ 1-5 in 1.12 so it’ll definitely just be the tier 10 equivalent of a Type59G.

  2. Jesus Fucking Christ! I knew these greedy goblins would sell overpriced tanks for Gold but I didnt know it was this bad! And here I thought 75k Gold would be enough…

  3. Are we being asked to pay gold for NON premium tanks here? No extra moneymaking ability or xp boost.

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