Detailed Crew 2.0 Overview

Made by our reader KSA:

I want to draw attention to the new CREW 2.0 changes. Because if we let it through the vast majority of the playerbase won’t benefit from it.

I want to show my conclusions with a 4 skilled and 42%ed crew. It’s an ~average crew in my opinion.

With the help of ” ” I was able to reproduce my exact previous crew in the new point system.

First of all I would like to show the differences without Instructors because they weren’t in the game until now.

You can notice a huge difference, the crews are the same but now it has half a second longer reload, significantly lower view range.

When I add 4 Instuctors with Coherence extra skill which is equal to the old BiA it’s still worse than before.

From these changes an average player will get out worse.

But now let’s take a look at someone who has a lot of credits to pump it up to the 75 “max” rank and let’s see the differences.
I calculated the extra crew exp here:

So in this case if you are able to get 3,160,095 more extra Crew Experience by buying crew books, which are equal to 26 MILLION spent credits (13 x 2million credits crew books) you are able to get a better crew than before 2.0 and even have 14 spare points to put somewhere.

and it’s not even the tip of the iceberg

On the next picture you can see that we are only at Level 5! from the 13 ranks

The “fun” only begins after it. You have to earn millions of crew exp to level up and if you are able to you will get a insane amount of percentages compared to Level 75 players. I was able to create an Advanced Specialist crew which requires around 40 MILLION crew exp and +150million credits to afford crew books!

Let’s see a Rank 5 vs Rank 12 crew

The differences are HUGE. Super Conqueror has half a second less loading time with it, way better Gun Dispersion, way better camo and INSANE view range.
474 view range compared to the old 439!

Final words:

This new update only benefits the top 1% and the pay2win layer of players.
We should leave our feedback or WG won’t bat an eye or bother at all.
Seeing these changes makes me furious and I don’t want to see it on the live server in this form.

About me:
So I slowly climbed the ladders of the game and almost got into the best of the best but I abandoned this foolish idea and stopped playing. I have +50k battles behind me. I owned nearly maxed out crews but I don’t want to see the top 1% get even better crews and abilities with this patch.

44 thoughts on “Detailed Crew 2.0 Overview

  1. amazing to see the death of a game i love happen so rapidly when i thought it was gonna be more of a smoulder

  2. I appreciate that business is business but this is looking like a corporate suicide run!

  3. The game is completely RIGGED and BROKEN by its OWN Matchmaker and RNG( AAAnd before someone asks for proof, we both know its true.And for sure I have screenshots with heavy evidence.) and now they come with this…Disgusting.

    1. I would love to see this screenshots and evidence.
      Bring me some good laugh on sunday. Plz

        1. And???
          I dont like the new system because has a lot of bad things, but if you want to max view range on a arty in a system that limits your total points seems like you lost other skills

  4. Honestly the existing system works even despite being a basic design. They only need to do a few adjustments. Major reworks such as the new system are more prone to problems

    1. Agree.
      Old system, change the grinding curves, add new skills, buff the old ones you are buffing, bring 3 tanks per crew member.
      That all we need

  5. Thank you very much for this informative read.

    If this system goes live as is, and it most likely will because there is no way WG will back down and admit it’s a money-grabbing mess and nothing else, as soon as someone claims these dogs of Lukashenko cater to the average player I’ll happily slap them in the face with this article.

  6. u have to take in count, that in the new system, u can accelerate the crew leveling with 3 regular tanks + premium tanks (x2 day ou more each day + crew boosts)
    so u start with a less effective new crew but u can catch up faster.

    1. Are you working for WG? you are possibly a SLAV cancer in Minsk…

      40 million exp for one set of crews??? In total, I doubt I did half of this amount in my +60k games…

      Keep saying the “Yeah but… yeah but” without even read the thing… just like all those COVID making soviet criminals in WG, Minsk, Belarus. AIDS!!!

      FYI, in spring 2020, when I knew about the future Crew 2.0 (yes, when we were suffering the Equipment 2.0), I knew this CREW 2.0 bullshit would be bad. But this is flat worse than my imagination:

      Easier start (cheat you to get on the sinking boat) No one denies this. But WG talked crew 2.0 as if this was the only thing changing.

      Fick you all in the middle of the progress (a.k.a pretty much everyone is more painful here)!!! So that you pay WG for Putin to have more money on nukes.

      This is obviously the part where WG will force crew 2.0 into the game.

      To clam down the super try-hard no-lifes, when you throw hundreds of millions of credits in each set of crews you have, you are not affected probably even better off.


      1. Equipment 2.0 is okey, they didnt change the system they just add new equipment and make some buffs or nerf here and there.
        This is different this is a complete change, that means you lost old skills, commander bonus, etc etc.
        Dont see equipment 2.0 as a problem.

        1. Yeah, I like equipment 2.0, it does the job of giving you lots of ways to build tanks. Crew 2.0 is an awful idea because it just screws everything up, if anything they should simply add/adjust skills and more cosmetic customization for the crew members. For sure unique/female commanders should remain commanders.

    2. Yeah, 3 tanks where you have to pay 750 gold for the 2nd and 3rd one to avoid having a massive XP-deduction.
      (And an additional annoyance is the fact that you can’t play the other two tanks while one ist still stuck in a match.)

      1. It really should be free for the first time you fill a slot and then you have to pay to reset like it works for everything else in WoT.

  7. When Wargame Kills Off its own “Only Profit cash €€€ making Game WOT” by “trying to be cynically clever” at the players/ customers expense just for ever more €€€€ millions

    And we just simply hate it what they do
    and then most stop playing WOT – yes it can happen if WG are THAT fuk stupid …………….

    There will be 4500 ex Wargame Russian/ Belarus/ Cyprus employees without a Job and then looking for a new job

    Then who will have the last laugh
    Not Wargame

  8. I stopped playing Wot and wows after xmas.
    I’ve saved a tonne of money I used to spend on it.

    The captains skills rework in wows was the precursor to what will happen to wot.
    Argue, protest from behind your keyboard, riot all you want, the crew rework WILL HAPPEN.

  9. The problem here is that WG is already determined to push this live. This whole “this is a sandbox” is just a big propaganda show in order to calm players down before the release. Anyone that does software development would agree that both the set of features and the graphics are waaay to polished for it to be a simple testing prototype. No sane company would invest so much effort into a prototype that they might just throw away after some testing. WG just wants to give you a “small dose” now in order to reduce the chances of players quitting at release. At best they might make some smaller tweaking like buffing a skill or increasing the amount of points etc.

    1. That’s just false, A LOT of the stuff that was on the Sandbox before never made it to the game: ammo rework last year, rubicon, etc…

      I know it is fun to bash WG but at least make sure your criticism is legit.

      1. If find it funny that you write “A LOT” and then you can only counter with one example. Their ammo rework was not scrapped, it was temporarily put on hold. If Crew 2.0 was an actual prototype, they would not have put so much effort into the graphics. They’ve already had plenty of prototypes tested internally within the company and this is the final product they came up with. Then of course they still have the possibility to back down if things go really, really south, but that’s most likely not the original intention. But let’s wait a few weeks and see who’s right…

  10. Stop crying guys, its a major change and its for good, finally you can adjust crew builds to your playstyle and u can choose what fits you, I noticed majority of the players that are against the change are so called ”veterans” with XXXX thousand games, if WG gives a damn about u {lucky they dont} the game would already be dead 10 times, wake up and either deal with the change or begone.

    WG is trying to make crews more simple and this is actually quite a nice way to do it {its kinda like World of Warcraft talents}, also remember that WG is a company and company needs to make money, main source of money for WG are newbies and players with less than 10k games, sadly {sorry for ruining ur hopes} u as a ”veteran” players mean NOTHING to WG and noone cares.

    For me crew 2.0 will be an improvement and its gonna refresh the game.

    1. -“TheFoch”

      everyone wants a fair rework but this isn’t it
      “main source of money for WG are newbies and players with less than 10k games”
      self kicking yourself, this rework favours the long-term players who are able to build rank8-rank13 crews

      I guess it’s hard to explain something to a player who doesn’t give a fuck to look around on the Sandbox server before commenting

      1. No because by making crews like this even newbie can enjoy the progress, or do you really think newbie cares about what crews do some 50k players have? No they dont, they enjoy their own progress, instead of looking thru one perspective {which is your own} try to take a different approach, new system offers more simple crews with way more possibility for customizing….

        But you dont see it, because u are blind for changes
        Luckily, WG doesnt care about neither you or anyone else crying, so good to go

        1. New players are even unable to understand the current crew system, how could they understand this, where instructors takes place, hidden percentages are adding up after high ranks and situational skill come in?
          And what kind of new players are we talking about? The majority of WoT players are playing for years. It’s not 2014 when kids rushed the game like crazy. You won’t see a lot of new players if you look around closely.

          “newbie can enjoy the progress” -good luck to enjoy the beating from an average player who has 10x better crews

          No one is blind for changes, everyone wants a rework for like 5 years, but this is not the right path.

          You’re being the “open-eyed” and supports WG feels like I’m talking to a brick wall

          1. No? There are flaws in the new system {as example some one these questionable perks} but in general system is way better than the shit we having now, first of all it will fix the ”different tank, different amount of members” problem, second it will make the whole task to set up skills way easier because u dont need to click it on each member manually, now u will have talent tree which is very simple, way easier than current perk system, transferring between tanks is easier and in general the current crew 2.0 system feels way more simple and more efficient than current stuff we have in game, U must understand that WG needs to find a way how to make it possible just like for new players, and for the old ones, havent u realized that whatever WG implements will always go in advantage of old players, because they have shitton of games, its impossible…….. so the way WG goes is good, and its gonna be better for the game.

            1. “it will fix the ‘different tank, different amount of members’ problem”
              That problem has already been solved with the conversion between roles for gold. They only need to make it aviable for credits aswell. For example, a spare radio operator could then fill in the slot of a missing loader.
              “it will make the whole task to set up skills way easier because u dont need to click it on each member manually”
              Now you’re being ridiculous. Most tanks only have 4-6 crew members and managing their skills is not something you do on a regular basis. Compare that with the new system where a crew has 75 levels and each time they level up you now need to assign a new skill point. The new system actually causes more work.
              “transferring between tanks is easier”
              Why, because you only have to move one crew members rather than 4-6? There is a built in feature that moves the entire crew in one click, in case you didn’t know…
              “in general the current crew 2.0 system feels way more simple”
              Your entire generalization and lack of details is quite a strong indicator that you’re not really sure of what you’re talking about since you havn’t even tested the new system.

          2. I’m honestly doubtful that this Foch guy has even tried it on the supertest.

            I tried it on the supertest and I have a lot of 4 to 6 skill crews. It literally took me around 5 to 8 minutes to set up a crew compared to 1 minute for the old system.

    2. Their improvement is making your crew worse? Unless you spend millions of credits on books, which is a money pit. They already make plenty of money before this.

  11. They should make crew 2.0 like equipment 2.0 and devide it up into, firepower, scouting, mobility and survivability.

  12. 4+ skill crew is AVERAGE for you? Are you kidding me?! An average crew is about with 2-3 skills, not twice as much!

    1. you can have a crew with 3 skills when you grind for a tier 10. if you play tier 10s + train your crew in premium tanks, you can have a 4 crew skill. and don’t forget, with the new crew book system, is not hard to get even to 5th skill

  13. I’m sure this will go through. It’s stupid, no one asked for it, it’s complicated and it will break the game so it’s something that WG will push through.

  14. This shits going to happen. Wargaming might put it off but they’ll keep forcing it until people either agree or they have no other Avenue to wait.

    This company sucks. So glad I just follow this game now rather than play it.

    1. The funny thing is for every update/change that is a step forward they always take 5 steps back with other updates. Fucking amazes me that they’ve lasted this long with 8 failed/cancelled game projects, 1 mildly successful game(WoWs), and the company’s future tentpoled around WoT.

  15. I feel like the Stun Sandbox will repeat, no one wanted the stun mechanic back in 2017 but WG forced it.
    We just wanted smaller splash, less damage.

    Now we want some now useful crew skills, less grind for it and WG gives us chaos 2.0 again.

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