Update 1.12: 3D “Polar Bear” Style for Object 705A – Pictures

Style treated as historical, valued at 750 gold.

After launching the Battle Pass, the 3D style will be released almost immediately, but as the chapters progress, it will become more detailed, i.e., new exterior features will be added, and when the chapters are completed, it will become “fully complete”. Description:

— How dare that Welshman laugh at me mixing up whether polar bears lived at the North Pole or the South Pole! He’s the one who’s always asking me about such important things like starting a tank in –30°C, or opening cans without a can opener, or siphoning fuel from the tank with just a straw. He’s an excellent fighter, no doubt, but he wasn’t taught how to survive harsh environmental conditions at his Academy. Well, this is a great example of so-called international exchange of knowledge—survival lessons from me and zoology from him. ‘How aren’t you feeling cold, Badaev?’

Well, go winter fishing in Norilsk often enough, and you won’t either.

5 thoughts on “Update 1.12: 3D “Polar Bear” Style for Object 705A – Pictures

  1. All seem to be exploration vehicles. OK job i suppose but will make sure i wont buy the battlepass for 3 slightly sub par skins. WG what is wrong with you, we want skins that reflect warfare. Kind of something in the nature of the game would imply that.

  2. The skins for the SConq, 277 and Patton were so high quality, not it’s going downhill. What is this ? This doesnt look like a tank this looks like a toy

  3. … wow 🙁

    Nah, I’ll be skipping this BP after all. I would’ve liked to get the 705A one but it does not look like it’s worth the effort, and the fact that it needs to be “assembled” just to prolong the grind would’ve made it unappealing even if it were good looking.

  4. Like so many other things recently they shouldn’t have changed battle pass, it was fine as is. They’re really watering down the value of 3D styles with this new approach and the pics don’t look good either. 3D styles should require some work to get, not everybody should have them for low effort. That’s what makes them special and desirable.

    1. Desirable? Maybe descustible. This tank is better looking stock and wtf harpoons? Let’s hunt some dinosaurs guys, whales we can’t because I don’t think it will float 😂

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