WoT Public Test 1.12 – Preliminary info & Battle Pass Tanks


New patches

-Added a new “Soldier” patch. For the first time in the game, the patch has a size of 320×320.

“Soldier” – Awarded for service in the armed forces. You have verified your military status with the WoT Salute program.

Battle Pass season 4


WoT Battle Pass 2021: Season 4. Unique crew members. The description and names have not yet been delivered to them (on PT 1 1.12), but you can already look at the faces. For 3 different BP branches.

Battle Pass Tanks

• Object 705A (USSR, HT-10)
• T110E3 (USA, TD-10)
• 121 (China, MT-10)

4 thoughts on “WoT Public Test 1.12 – Preliminary info & Battle Pass Tanks

  1. oh wow ussr and usa in the battle pass? never saw it coming, cant wait till they find out there are other nations

  2. On one hand, a 3D style for Object 705A is cool (assuming they don’t make it fugly like the 122TM one).

    On the other though, if BP progression is tied to Steel Hunter, I’ll just skip the event.

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