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Mailed to us by Lava.

Longtime reader here. There just happened to be a little episode on WOT Asia which I’d like to tell you about, and I do hope you’ll find it as amusing (and infuriating) as I do.
Towards the end of December, WG Asia released a preview of what was to come in January ( Among those events listed was something which would catch the eye: from 15 January 2021 to 22 January 2021, an event simply titled: ‘???’, in short, a mystery event. 
Naturally, we were very curious.
Digging a bit, and looking at NA’s preview, we found that instead of a mystery event, NA was going to have a tank trade in from 18 January 2021 to 1 February 2021 ( We also noticed that the dates for Asia’s mystery event were different, and in any case all previous trade-ins had lasted for 2 weeks, not 1. 
Naturally, the inference that we all shared was that Asia would be getting a different event instead of the usual trade in. 
Fast forward to the 15th when the event was slated to begin. There was no notice from WG. There were no updates on the official site. There was nothing on the official discord. It was only when players opened a thread on the forum did we get any update on the situation (, the disappointing news being that the event had been delayed till the 18th. No reasons were given. Nor did WG Asia bother to leave any notice of any kind whatsoever on the news section for players keen about the new event.
But that was not the end of the disappointment for the players unfortunate enough to have to play on Asia. It is the 18th of January, today, in other words. WG Asia has kept mum about the event for all this time, these last two weeks. Expectations are great. Surely, if it took 3 more days to get the event going, they were going to get it right. The mystery event, this unique event we’d been looking forward to, was about to be unveiled.
And it turns out to be the same old trade in.
The dates are 18 January to 1 February. They don’t even match the January preview. WG NA clearly got the memo on the trade-in. How then did WG Asia manage to botch it?
We’re not complaining about there being a trade-in, it’s a good way for WG to recycle lootbox gold. What we are very much pissed about is how WG Asia, either by sheer incompetence or malice, misled its players into thinking they would be getting a unique event – when all they were getting was the trade in, which, incidentally, doesn’t even take place on the same dates as this mythical mystery event.
To rub salt to the wound, as it transpires, the only reason that this ‘mystery event’ of ours was delayed for 3 days was because it was unthinkable that WOT Asia would get the trade in event before the other, proper servers. There were no technical difficulties.

Perhaps someone at WG Asia thought it would be funny, I don’t know. I only know that the question that is on many of us WOT Asia players’ minds right now is this: ‘WG, am I a joke to you?’

Apologies for the essay, but I had to vent.

Best regards,

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  1. Looks to me like they’d indeed planned something else, and released the trade-in when they realised their actual first choice wasn’t gonna be ready to be implemented in time.

    Then again, my proposal might sound a bit like a conspiracy. They could’ve also just forgotten to edit that article, and then to schedule the trade-in properly. Deffo a plausible option, if we take into account the regular blunders of WG staff.

    Either way, F for ASIA players 🙁

  2. I wonder how the China server does nowadays with all the hoo har a few years back. Im pretty sure thats totally separate from the Asia one.

    1. Yes, China and Asia are completely separated. Asia sever dont have premium waffen e 100. However, some Chinese people connect to Asian servers to enjoy the latest version of wot. The update of the Chinese server had been stopped for a long time. I’ve heard rumors that the China server has recently started to update.

      In general, You can think of Asian servers as similar to na servers.

  3. Should I send in a post too that Dwight promised us Q&A answers soon back in November saying he was busy and will be a little late which was understandable because it’s the Christmas season but still haven’t even told us when can we expect the answers?

  4. -For those who are curious about the tendency of Asian servers-

    In Asia, many standard battles last more than three minutes.(I’ve played ru8 and ru9 servers, so I can feel the difference.) Wot is not a 15:1 simulator here. If you are patient, you can do more than 10 minutes of brain-use combat.

    But many players don’t push. Players on this server are passive. In Mostly pvp games, Few players mean there is more experience players. Many players know how to record high damage in a game. The answer is to wait for someone who comes out first. Even Ht doesn’t move quickly either.

    Of course, the master player pushes at the right timing (for higher damage), but beginners (Tomato) who start the game on the Asian server learn to hide from afar. With very few dumb running scapegoats, the aggressive early fights seen on Ru servers are rare for Asian servers.

    I can’t compare Clan contents because I don’t play Clan War on Ru server.

    1. That’s because Asia server has a high number of “I play for free” players. It is after all marketed and “sold” as a free to play game, due to the high amounts of poverty in the region.
      To combat this, WG give every player the fullest multiple opportunities to now own a tier 5-8 premium tank for free, little to no effort required to get one.

      Unfortunately this only makes things worse for the teams that are stacked on both sides with “I play for free” players, who camp in the rear, sniping, trying to remain safe from harm, because they count every credit, playing their free premium tank with a basic crew, and no consumables, no camo etc etc because they cost credits.

      And don’t rely on them to help you out in a tight spot either, they will see you struggle, knowing they could push into the enemy and surprise them to help you out, but they don’t…something holds them back…their scrooginess.

      Every fibre of their being says do not help, do not attack. So they don’t. Real life is their teacher.

      It’s not about win or lose to the “I don’t spend any real money on the game” player, it’s simply about participating, passing their time, waiting for that rare great game where fortune smiles upon them for free.

      It’s kind of like the poverty class gap, you have your working class, who spend real money, but want to be competitive but expect a bit in return for money, and your lower class, no job, no disposable income, plays for free, but doesn’t expect anything in return, will take every bloody scrap given though, survivor mentality.

      In fact WG universe is literally the real life class separations in an internet MMO. Forcing them together, yet creating wider and wider class separations and distinctions with every “improvement” ala crew 2.0, equipment 2.0 etc etc.

      This splinters any idea of “teamwork”, yet sometimes there is no other option, and screw it they have made a fuck tonne of cash anyway. They are off to the pub.

      One example was the horrific clan wars farming of….what years was it…2013 to approx 2017ish?.
      Where one clan used its own members to farm the map for all the gold, forming alt clans of the same members with different accounts, so badly to the point WG had to rewrite the entire clan wars regulations and restructure the event!.

      And the same clans weren’t satisfied with just taking all the gold no, they were rigging missions for ANY free tanks they could get their hands on, some obtaining the Obj 260 within ONE WEEK of release!.

      Needless to say they completely destroyed clan wars for many years, until WG rebuild of campaigns and they offer of rare premium over powered tanks that pretty much just smash everything else in random battles.

      Its been a fun time WG keep it up.

    2. If this would be true the expectations for MoE and ace tankers would be higher than on other servers.
      And they arent. It is easier to mark tanks on NA than on EU. The expectations on Asia are even lower than on NA.
      Also if you are a good player you dont wait to do damage, because you dont have enough time otherwise to score enough damage to stay competitive. Sometimes the situation dictates that you have to camp but those are less than 5% of all battles. If you camp, you lose. If you camp, you do less damage.
      If you dont think that this is true just watch good players play and stop living in your bubble.

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