Update 1.11.1: Common Test 2 Patchnotes

Patchnotes CT 2

Main Changes

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed the issue of the enabled Fog of War causing short-term FPS drops during battles on the Global Map when enemy vehicles were spotted.
  • Fixed some technical issues.

4 thoughts on “Update 1.11.1: Common Test 2 Patchnotes

    1. Indeed. Wot need another disappointing line with the tier 9 better than the tier 10 like for the ST-2

      1. WoT playerbase in a nutshell right here…

        WG: nerfs it until its balanced
        Player: OMG THAT LINE IS SO SHIT

        WG: Buffs the line until its enjoyable
        Players: OMG that line is so OP pls nerf.

        WG: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

        1. Except in this case the rinoceronte is too weak, almost on the level of the manticore compared to its peers. It either needs a DPM or gun handling buff, but most preferably the latter. The Kranvagn is leagues stronger than this thing in nearly every area, but isnt brokenly overpowered either.

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