11 thoughts on “๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Carro P.88 In-game Pictures

  1. Many players will skip this tank thourgh a blueprint or free-experience. Poor Tank ๐Ÿ˜ข

    1. They would be kind of stupid to do that. I mean its better to simply save the fragments for the tier 9 or 10. Tier 7s hardly take any time at all to grind especially since tier 7 can kind of be forgiving.

      I plan to grind out the tier 7, play the 8 in frontline, free XP the modules on the tier 9, use fragments to unlock the tier 10.

      1. is fully upgraded tier 9 that bad that it requires skipping it with blueprints? they are usually quite good once fully upgraded and are good practice for you once you get the tier 10.

        1. Yeah, Im also prefer this kind of approach. After hp increased, T5 t6 t7 play became more fun. but i dont feel so good when i playing mid tier tanks. It feels like seal clubbing.

          T9 stock are quite painful, still prem accounts
          daily bonus will reduce pain. It’s so easy compared to the past when there were no bonuses five times(i can use bonus for only one particular tank) a day.

  2. It even looks like a victim.
    WG keep allowing 88 numbers in tanks hitlerpanther 88, this one, players with 88 in name yet…88 is banned.

    1. One is a gun caliber and the other is a hate symbol. Context matters greatly in that situation. The fact you’re actually comparing the two seems a tad questionable almost as if you want 88 to not be banned.

      Now for anoyone who doesn’t get what is going on the number 88 is considered a hate symbol for “Heil Hitler” This is because the letter H is the 8th letter of the alphabet and as such racists take the two H’s from heil hitler and abreviate it to simply 88.

      1. I had no idea about the meaning of 88….and as such I didn’t care about it being on tanks…….knowing what it means now-I still don’t care…I am not racist-but I am for equal playing field-they ban 88 ….fine….but in that case ban all Stalin inscriptions as well

        1. Stupid comment. 88 is a hate symbol and dog whistle, Stalin inscriptions aren’t

          1. why? you say 88 is symbol for nazis which imply Hitler….well Stalin was just as bad as him

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