27 thoughts on “🇩🇪 Kpz 07 RH In-Game Pictures

    1. Sure. Because WG Slav…

      The machine the cutest though.

    2. It’s like a 5 years old kid was tasked to draw the Tiger I. From memory. With crayons.
      Is nice.

    1. I think it’s “roughly” based on a AA mock-up/model the Germans came up with.

    1. I don’t care if it is ugly, if only we finally get a competetive German Tier VIII premium med. All existing ones are meh at best.

      1. It does not look that competitive to me. High rof but alpha is low, pen sufficient but nothing unique, average viewrange and camo, and poor armor.

        It does have very good speed and mobility for a medium, but if that alone helped the Rhm Panzerwagon would not be the worst performing Tier 10 light.

  1. Yeah its german, it can’t be competitive. You will buy, you will try, you will garage forever like all others.

    Nothing german can compete with the french mobility and the russian turrets at tier 8, and thats only their meds.

    Then you got russian heavy tanks with medium mobility, heavy armour, and td power guns that say hi.

    1. One can only hope – after all, Wargaming released the Kampfpanzer 50t, which is an excellent Tier IX medium, so perhaps they acknowledge the fact that there is a need for better German mediums … and the current ones mostly suck (The Räumpanzer was a slap in the face).

      Personally, what I am hoping for is that the 07 RH will turn out to be something of a wheeled tank killer – it has excellent mobility, a fast-firing gun with 90mm HE shells and enough armour to withstand the wheelies’ HE shells. I would love to spend my time hunting done those fricking EBR’s in Frontline.

      1. Kampfpanzer is a Ranked reward, so stuff for the tryhards – and we all know WG has to give out strong-to-OP tanks in competitive game modes or the blues/purples won’t bother playing.

          1. KPz 07’s main feature is speed, and iirc few other Tier 8 mediums can match it, if any. Thing is, speed is harder to make full use of compared to armor and/or firepower, and the alpha on this tank is pretty low at 200 average per shot.

            It will probably be something like a large light tank, or a German Cromwell if you will. It will have appeal for some, but WG kind of ruined the Tier 8 MT roster with Progetto and especially Bourrasque.

            1. Yes, I agree it will should pretty much play like a light tank with lesser camo and view range and better armour and DPM. That’s not to say that it will be weak – which is fine – though on the other hand introducing it will be yet another step towards ever faster and more hectic gameplay, which is probably not a good thing. I don’t know … I think Wargaming have dug themselves into a hole with poor design decisions, and my impression is that they are now trying to reduce the toxic effect of existing op designs by introducing – well, more op designs. Perhaps that is why we got the Bourrasque …

              1. Neither outcome produces the desired results in terms of game health.

                Introducing balanced premiums means nothing because those will mostly sell due to novelty (or because there’s nothing else for that nation), and by now it is already too late to try and steer the game back to a healthier balance – not with above-Tier-10 tanks like the Chieftain and Object 907 running around.

                At the same time, WG cannot let go of their “arms race” policy – new stuff MUST be better in some way, because if it’s not, people won’t care and won’t pay for it. Or, in the case of reward tanks, won’t play to get them (see the debate where good players literally demand OP reward premiums or they won’t play clanwar, Ranked and so on).

                1. only way to balance OP reward tanks I see would be to make every gold shell hitting them cost the shooting tonk (if it’s a non-reward tonk) 0 credits.

                  live by the goldspam, die by the goldspam.

  2. The British Challenger had sex with a American T20 to give this piece of shit. Good luck bouncing on that lumpf of a turret

  3. WTF is this abomination of a fantasy trash tenk?
    I bet this trashcan performs as bad as it looks.

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