WoT EU: January Tournaments

Get your 2021 off to a competitive start with a new set of special tournaments! Dive into a variety of formats and team sizes across tiers IV-X and join the fight as either a fresh newcomer or hardened veteran.

Prove your prowess in the heat of battle, play your role well, and be rewarded well. There are bountiful rewards – including lots of gold – up for grabs across all tiers.

January Tournament Plan

All the times below are CET (UTC+1)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
15:00 1v1 T4 2v2 T4 1v1 T4 2v2 T4 1v1 T4 1v1 T6 1v1 T6
17:00 1v1 T6 2v2 T6 1v1 T6 2v2 T6 1v1 T6 1v1 T8 2v2 T10

1v1 T8 2v2 T8 1v1 T8 2v2 T8 1v1 T8 3v3 T9 3v3 T10
20:00 1v1 T10 2v2 T10 1v1 T10 2v2 T10 1v1 T10 1v1 T9 1v1 T8
21:00 3v3 T10 3v3 T10 3v3 T10 3v3 T10 3v3 T10 5v5 T9 5v5 T10
Got what it takes to crush the competition? Prove it with just a few clicks—use the button to go to the registration page and join any of our tournaments.


Tournaments become visible 48 hours before their scheduled start.

Do you have any questions? Are you looking for teammates? Check out the Tournament Forum for more!

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