WoT: 1.11.1 Common Test release date

If everything is OK, this upcoming Tuesday, January 5, 2021, players will have the first Common test of the patch 1.11.1.


-new Italian heavy tank mini branch (from tier 7 to tier 10).
-other changes and bug fixes

19 thoughts on “WoT: 1.11.1 Common Test release date

  1. This will be interesting, I only saw QB’s preview of the Rinoceronte and I wish to know more about the branch as a whole.

  2. I cant help but feel that knocking out 2 lines of 4 or 5 tanks a year is pretty damned poor work. I wish they still added in more lower tier tanks aswell. – or atleast produced 4 or 5 lines a year.

    1. agreed. and how hard can it be to create some sort of “end game” for lower tiers. doesn’t even have to be too historic or complicated. just do a Frontline event on a smaller map with tier V tanks or so. or make it semi-historic with having a Frontline-like mode using only tanks of a specific era/battle/front.

  3. It looks like after crunching the numbers, WG make more actual revenue from releasing tanks as premiums, rather than setting the various tanks into tree branches.

    If you look at random battles these days, minimum 15 to a maximum of 25 of the 30 tanks are premium tanks being played.

    On Asia server anyway.
    A poorer per capita server (if there is one to Asia), perhaps they have less ratio of premium tanks in random battles.

    Players in poorer servers perhaps even have more reason to play a premium tank, because it means they can have more comfortable games (load a little gold ammo) without requiring a premium account.

    What do you think is more valuable to a no spend player, a premium tank or some premium account time?.

    Honestly I think game has moved away from the torturous grinds of the trees, and towards arcade style fun tank games, instantly found in a premium tank.

    1. problem with tech tree tanks is a combination of low performance and bad economics. with the game in its current own-grave-digging state, with premium tanks, you always have better chances for at least some credits income and a chance to have some actual fun through inbattle performance.

      sad to see it going that way, as 5-10 years ago, working and earning your way up the tech tree, training crews, unlocking modules and gaining experience was the core of the motivation to keep playing each and every day. how long will your tier VIII premium tanks and your tier Xs keep you satisfied in a game that has NO ENDGAME at all??

      1. Indeed,well said.

        And it is also very sad and frustrating at the same time,to see 1000-2000 battles new players driving their brandnew tier X tanks, having no clue what to do with them, just because they buy and earn so many combat XP boosters, which together with blueprint fragments enable them to reach tier X in record time, when in reality their skill and game knowledge level is at tier 4 max.
        Certainly degrading gameplay for everyone else,when you get such players as your top tier X tanks, which paired with bad map design, OP vehicles,bad MM, and wheelies, results to 4 min turbobattles.
        Honestly,its not even their fault, WG cant put a simple MM algorithm for randoms, where AT LEAST THE 3 OR 5 TOP TIER players should be mostly equal in experience or performance.
        But then again, if you think about it, randoms, allthough probably beeing the most played battle mode and the one bringing new players to the game, is also the most f2p one, which is bad for WG……

        1. As you said, everything about this game is progress. Imagine WG does what you said by adding skill-based matchmaking unless they give more credits and experience for those players you deemed to be better, it is such frustration that the better you become, the stronger your enemy becomes, with no rewards because you can’t actually do more damage/ win more with your skill. But if you get some bot battles to lower your rating you would have a batter match. I guess you yourself is a below-average player and you will get better matches regardless so you are indifferent about anyone else. You never thought about how a skill-based matchmaking in random battles in current economy system could damage this game. How discouraging it is that the game gets harder if you get better.

        2. Yesterday I had in game a Scorp with 80 battles with his teammate around 200 givin 0 damage both… after battle he doesnt even give a shit about his performance or decisions, no intention to learn mechanics… pure cancer bastrd

        3. I agree with you. The main cause of turbo battles is because of skill of new players which shouldnt be even in tier 8. Not OP tanks, in my opinion even the maps arent the main cause.
          Skill MM is utter nonsense which WG never implements and I hope so that it stays, because when you have to loose against stronger team you loose anyway, but player has to have also games in which he dominates and gives him the satisfaction and pleasure of “perfect” win. Everyone who says about skill MM doesnt have any clue about this game or games in general…

          1. Agree. I think wot is an online card game.If I pull out the team card well, I will win. If I can’t pick a good team card, I have to check the other team’s card. If the opponent’s card is weak, I get a great victory and sleep happily that night.

            These days, successful games effectively control players’ complaints through teammate and luck-driven variables. Wg also survived the same way for 10 years, and I accepted it. If I have a really hard day with rng, I relieve my stress by forming a platoon with my friend.

            1. If someone really wants a fair skill-based game, they can play rts or fighting games. I like Japanese fighting games, so I enjoy them quite a lot.

              Extreme skill-based games are fair but too harsh for players. Unless you’re dealing with an enemy weaker than you, the player must repeat frustration and overcoming forever. And if skills are the key, the player’s natural talent is also important. Response speed, game intelligence is another barrier.

              Eventually, pvp games that rely heavily on skills gradually lose their player bases. I hope the wot will be served for a long time. A little bit of kindness is needed for a new player, but matchmaking is acceptable.

        4. skill based mm wouldn’t solve anything because shit players will still play like shit and it would likely force skilled players into experiencing longer que times.

  4. ” I guess you yourself is a below-average player and you will get better matches regardless so you are indifferent about anyone else.”

    FlandreCirno, how can you make such a stupid assumption about my skill level, just because i dont want to farm 2000 battles newbies,who have 60% crews, no map knowledge, almost no equipment, and no clue about this game??

    you may feel happy if you do a 4000 dmaage game vs such players,but not everybody feels that way.
    And to be honest,farming far worse players like you, doesnt make you a better player also.
    And no, i didnt talk about 100% identical teams skiillwise, nor exact WN8 rated players matched against eachother.
    I think that the TOP tier players, should be ROUGHLY of equall skill, and even a 30%-40% difference in skill is still roughly the same.
    OR, you can introduce LEAGUES, where you progress according to your performance,but that didnt cross your foggy mind, did it?
    This way, you wont get matches where your 500 WN8 tier X heavies stay 50m from your base at TD positions, leading to a 4 min turbo battle,which you in your tier 8 tank can hardly influence in that period.
    you know damn well im right.
    And about the economy, these turbo battles dont offer any exp nor credits to you or your team. because most likely you” end up dead with 3-4 shots of damage.
    AND theres the frustration and the toxicity, which comes from such nonsense.

    And just to clear your question about my skill level, i have 3.278 WN8 in my last 1000 battles, if thats good enough for you………….

  5. ”I guess you yourself is a below-average player and you will get better matches regardless so you are indifferent about anyone else.”

    FlandreCirno, how can you make such a stupid childish assumption about my skill level, just because i DONT want to farm 2000 battles newbies with 60% crews, almost no equipment, no map knowledge, and generally no clue about how this game works?

    I didnt talk about 100% skill based MM, i talked about the TOP TIER players beeing equally experienced, where ”equally” can mean also a 30%-40% difference in skill and performance.

    There is absolutelly no point in fighting battles where your top tier heavies, driven by 500 WN8 newbs-bots-retards, camp 50m from your base at TD positions waiting for someone to cross their barrel, while the enemy heavy drivers are 2800 WN8 CW veterans with 6 skill crews, premium equipment-consumables, perfect knowledg about game mechanics and maps.
    Battle will be over in 4 min,and you will deal 3-4 shots of damage in that period.
    Even worse, the new players in your team wont understand a thing about what happend, and what they did wrong.
    And that is also damaging game economy, because fewer and fewer players will stay to play the game, but that is too hard to understand for your foggy mind?…(making a silly assumption about you too, see?…….)

    Just to answer your question about my skill level, i have 3.272 recent WN8 in my last 1000 battles and 57,4% winrate, if thats good enough for you

    So no,not everybody wants to farm newbies-bots-retards like you do, just to grow your internet penis, and feel like a good player farming bots, with a happy smile on your face that you didnt encounter someone like me as your enemy………

  6. Look at the poor idiots thinking this game is about skill and knowledge.
    It is simple gambling and what WG cunts allow you to get.

    When you fully aim, aim is green and still do not hit, do not pen or is just critical hit and when you do damage it is the minimum alpha it should be clear. This is a gambling game, like casino roulette.

  7. I think you are all missing the forest,because you are looking at the tree.
    Game economy, long que times, arent nearly a big problem, as are turbo 4 min battles in my opinion .
    They are just not fun, neither for the losing nor for the winning side.
    And i cant really understand the argument of feeling happy if someone does big damage vs unexperienced-noob-bot-retard players.
    At least for me, a close 10 min game, maybe with a bit of heartbrake,suspence, outplay, has far more value than just doing damage by farming clueless players with absolutelly no knowledge about the game.It really doesnt put a smile on my face,nor does a 4 min turbo victory.
    And i am not saying MM should be 100% equall skill based teams, but at least the top tier players should be in the same planet,or at least same universe, because putting 3 newbs-bots-retards with 400 Wn8, 75%crews, no equipment, no map knowledge as top tiers, against 3 top tier CW veterans with 2600 wn8 each, 6 skill crews, premium equipment and consumables and perfect map knowledge,doesnt make sense in my opinion, unless ofc your goal is only stats and pixels on your barrels, and degrades gameplay for everyone else, including the good players, but is also unfair to the newer players this game so desperatelly needs, which cant learn sh*t from 3 min battles.
    Stats are good to see your progress ofc,and to those of you who might think i am making excuses, i have a 3.270 recent wn8 last 1000 battles played and 57,4% wr, but stats and marks and raw damage cant be more important than A GOOD GAMING EXPERIENCE.
    THATS what makes games feel good, thats bringing new players into the game and that is helping game economy so much more.

    Im not saying create equally skilled mirror teams, but make at least top tiers relevant, OR create leagues, so that each league has RELATIVELY equally skilled players, just like in so many other games.

    Just remember the feeling after a good game with heartbrakes, outplays, turnarounds, irrelevant of win or loss, big damage or not, and tell me that having 15 or 20 of those games in a session, would be worse than having just one, but a lot of 4000 damage-4 min stomps…….

  8. I agree i’d never recommend this game to new players. It’s just too hard. and WG soliton is to give all new player free Tier sex tanks and blauprints to get to Teir 10 already.

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