Object 268 V – Possible Black Market 2021 Tank?

With the release of Update 1.11, supertesters and developers began to test this old tank again, the Object 268 Version V. The vehicle reappeared in the garages of those interested. What’s also interesting – the tank was additionally tested during the last supertests, no changes were made then.

The Object 268 V has been in the game client for a very long time, at least since 2016, but it still hasn’t been introduced to the game. The first tests were carried out in February 2016. Since then, no changes have been made to it. Then, in Update 0.9.15, the vehicle was brought to the main server and handed over to the Supertesters.

Ultimately, the vehicle appeared only on the Chinese server as a premium / special tank, where it cost 2,000 yuan, or around $ 300.

Visually, the tank resembles a T-10 with a larger gun. The technical parameters have become so old that it would not be competitive in random battles at the moment.

Taking into account the tests that have already started, we expect several important buffs – we don’t know which parameters they may apply to, but it will happen soon. Taking into account the course and intensity of the tests, it can be assumed that the vehicle will enter the game within 3-4 months.

And as you know, there are some good opportunities ahead: winter event on the Global Map, Clash of Teams 2021 … and then only afterwards, Black Market 2021 will arrive.

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