3 thoughts on “Advent Calendar (17th December): E 75 TS

  1. One of the few t8 ht with good P/w and good terrain resistance at the same time. This heavy tank has a fast acceleration which allows for frequent viewing of the maximum speed (better aspect of compared with renigade) turbo equipment is perfectly suited for this tank. It became a actual med speed. Tank have a slightly bad gun handling, but flexible and high-performance tank with speed, turret armour, side scraping, high-pen.

    and this tankd 3d style, damn its looks so goood.

  2. So its almost as good as an Obj or IS series tank then?.

    Only the HUMUNGUS profile lets it down.

    Makes it too easy to hit.

    Hull armour is too flat all over, though sloped in UFP and LFP, makes it too easy to penetrate, because lets not kid ourselves, any hit is gonna be gold ammo.

    Go russian, get incredible wonderful god like armour with magikal curves in all the right places, turrets, hulls, and watch the gold fail to penetrate your weakest parts, the sides and rear of your traktor.

    First you can spend time LOLing at your enemies feeble attempts, then turn and swat the fly. You can be moving at full speed, and turret can still be in the process of turning, but all that is lost in data translation (ping and lag), and you WILL hit your target.

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