6 thoughts on “WoT Console – Action Heroes! Show No Mercy. Become a Hero.

    1. they have to work a bitter harder to maintain their playerbase.
      PC version has gone into full fuck all cash squeeze mode.

  1. I’m nearly seven years deep and I’ve just loaded in.
    1/ Where are my hard earned crew skills?
    So I’ve got to reallocate them? That’s annoying.
    2/ the interface is confusing
    And for no good reason.
    3/ the games themselves feel clunky and a bit claustrophobic
    4/ don’t like the new reticle
    5/ this is just shit
    6/ wargaming are arrogantly stupid, don’t learn lessons and they patently aren’t concerned about their customer base.
    7/ it’s currently taking ages to get into a game due to trying to navigate the utter f**kery of an interface and trying to reallocate the crew skills.
    8/ this is really just shit
    9/ this is a different game, it feels different and it plays differently and that’s not what I wanted
    10/ wargaming are a bunch of hapless, nerdy, douche bags. Take that chuji guy or whatever his name is as an example, y’know the one that dresses like he’s a nineties games workshop manager with the same level of people skills.
    I rest my case.

    Sad but time to find a more useful way to spend my time I think but should I ever bump into that Chuji guy I’m gonna slump him.

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