WoT Dev QA – 13th December 2020

The most important info from yesterday’s stream with Artem Safronov.

HE shells

There will be a change in how the damage is calculated for HE shells – the place of impact will have more importance, eg. shooting an armor screen will now do less damage.
All changes will first be tested on the Sandbox server, because we value the players’ opinions.


There will be multiple new shell types:
• The first HE type, which will have a lot of damage, a big splash/stun radius, and a high ballistic arc for shooting into tricky spots,
• The second HE type which has even higher damage, but the splash radius is smaller, it doesn’t stun, and the ballistic curve is lower,
• The third one is AP with an even flatter arc, but faster flying
These changes will force players into using an ammo type appropriate to the situation, more focus, and higher engagement in the battle. It’s possible that the reload times will get decreased to motivate the player to switch ammo types.

“Artillery sixth sense” – the player at whom an arty shot will be notified of an incoming shell. It can give them a second to take cover in a light tank, but in a Maus nothing will help.

Adding an artillery shooting mode (switching between shooting and driving).
It will be easier to pinpoint where an arty is, since the shell impacts will be placed on the minimap.
The arty player will get a new crosshair, which will change colors depending on whether one can hit a target or not.

Of course everything will be tested on the sandbox, and nothing won’t be implemented without players’ opinions.

Crew 2.0
New perks and abilities

Training a crew which will now be unified (only 1 crew per tank).
The sixth sense will now be a zero perk. One crew will be used on three tanks of the same class and nation. There will also be instructors, which will act as crew buffs. There will be 75 levels of new perks/skills.

Most importantly, the players won’t lose their progress on their current crews, on which they spent countless hours. The conversion to the new format is very important to the devs, and collecting event crewmates is still very valid.
This too will be tested, and the players’ opinion will be most important.

Battle Pass

There will be great changes in how you progress between levels, divided into parts, with many different rewards to choose depending on the level. The players will be able to choose their rewards to suit their playstyles, and tank preferences, which will give them more freedom. There will be 3 tanks each Battle Pass instead of 2.

Currently, you get a style at the end of a battle pass, but now you will get it early on, and it’ll get more intricate the more you progress.
Other battle modes will start counting towards the pass, like ranked battles.

New platoon searching system
It will be an improvement for the player who does not want to, or does not have time to integrate with clans, and does not want to hand pick platoon mates. Thanks to the new menu, you will be able to filter out a queue of players searching for a platoon according to your own preferences.

Next year’s Team Clash, new members and emblems

The event get some minor improvements, like a new point acquisition system. More info soon.

Maps training

It will be a place dedicated to learning maps. The player will be able to learn the spots for various classes, bushes, how trees work, and practice gameplay. The current training room is not ideal, and learning in random battles doesn’t bring any good to the team. It will be a great boost to learning.

New tanks

Italian heavy tanks with an improved loading system coming in 1.11.1. Their high alpha will be offset by low accuracy.

Czechoslovakian heavies? Yes, but no details for now. (Seb: Swiss tanks confirmed too, likely this year or the next one according to my sources. Expect new UK tanks too.)

• Sequels to Steel Hunter, Frontline, Halloween Mode and Last Waffenträger next year.
• It’s possible a blueprints converter will be implemented, so you can pick one you want
• No plans for tiers past 10, or smoke grenades.
• Port map will return, in a reworked form.
• No plans for skill-based matchmaking, changing Training Rooms, customizing the default garage (Holiday Ops style) or reworking RNG.
• Personal Missions 3.0 won’t come next year.

36 thoughts on “WoT Dev QA – 13th December 2020

    1. It’s not a big failure since it does what it was supposed to, ie: add more options for equipment, IRM, CVS, IH, even MC, IA or LEN are viable options on some tanks.
      It wasn’t supposed to replace equipment 1.0, just improve it.
      Also, I think that locking out cammo net and binos was a smart choice, hopefully there’s less sniper heavy builds. 🙂

      1. Turbocharger makes a lot’s of meds OP, Commander’s vision system is overpowered, and rotating mechanism is a big and unneeded buff to arty.

        1. “Only heavies should win!”
          Changes are good, the problem is that more HP for heavies is a little low, 10% in the first slot is not enought should be 15% i say it long ago, wg did not listen

        2. yea commanders vision system is is op . And the fact wargaming is still not considering changing rng just show this game is dead they have no clue what or care what the players want. Those changes buff arty not make it less toxic. Massive damage in tricky IE covered spot is crazy and buffing there reload is also crazy.

    2. Let’s make arty more annoying. Honestly with the crew skills all they have to do is rework the ones nobody uses. They could try that route but no!

  1. So they plan an arty rework that will allow arty to work as they do now except better (big damage, stun that ruins everything, still can fire from outside render range, high arc), but also get to choose to not stun but become shitbarns at every tier because clearly that’s what we need. And AP, that’s honestly not a problem with how innacurate they work… Arty is bad enough as it is in terms of damages. They don’t need another shell that does more. Their “damage + stun” shell should be stun only, and their “only damage” shell should be the one they have currently. Stun is a broken mechanic that has no place in this game, combining it AND damage is ridiculous’

    Also for the crew rework, despite what they say, they will fuck up the conversion one way or another. It’s WG, fucking up is what they’re best at. I hope they’ll go through multiple sandboxes for it, it’s not something they want to rush out.

    1. Yes spgs 3.0 and they will be desthstars yes!!!! Please give us our old tier 10spgs again wargaming!!!

    2. Right. Arty sets off sixth sense, has a tracer so you know where it is and has to exit siege mode to move… how much easier do they have to make it for you

  2. Crew 2.0, still no matchmaking and fiddling with arty? Sounds like a good point to take an extended break!
    Nothing inspiring from that Q&A is there? A few tidbits about techtree vehicles we might get. Doesn’t even sound like something they themselves are bothered about.
    Meanwhile there’s been more detailed coverage of a probable tier 9 reward vehicle. (No doubt there will be countless tier VIII premiums waiting in the wings and released next year.)
    Battle pass must be making them some nice money though, plenty to work with there…

  3. tl;dr
    arty: adding shells with more damage, adding AP-shells (which will do also MORE damage if they penetrate (T92, one shotted an IS4 years ago through the roof, 2k in the side of a Maus)
    AND: decreasing reload..
    couldnt laugh more about those ruski douchebags, im already out and can´t see any reason to come back to this Pay2beFrustrated-Shitgame.

  4. Still no news about the Hungarian tech tree? They were teasing it together with the Swiss tree in one of the Polish tank developer diaries.

    They say WG will compensate for the crew rework but I know they are lying. WG said the same about the equipment but in the end they screwed over those who had a lot of tanks equipped in their garage and then it took over six months to give us a proper discount on the new equipment.

    Arty AP shells are a welcome thing. It was stupid of them to remove it.

    I have no idea why they keep trying to destroy HE shells. They are fine as it is. If they nerf the HE shells they will buff the well armoured tanks even more and encourage gold spamming..

    1. I have nearly all of my ~300 tanks equipped and made several million credits with the equipment compensation. They really screwed me.

      1. I had like 200 tanks in my garage and I lost like 10 million credits with their gracious compensation so you must be either lying or you only have low tier trash in your garage.

  5. New Crew 2.0
    this will be like Equipment 2.0 ~ force everyone to SPEND Credits by the million per Crew with no choice just bully you into whatever they want .. seems like

    and all the rest is just the usual more of same WG Horse Shit

    this company over the years has seen more Horse Shit talk promises pour out of there faces than seems possible for anyone, but its Wargame so

    Remember though ……….
    “because we value the players’ opinions”

    1. How were you forced to spend millions of credits with eq 2.0?
      For all equiped tanks bellow tier 8 you made a profit selling old equipment and then re-equiping with the new cheaper equipment.
      All tier 8+ kept their equipment so still usable. Only if you were using camonet, binocs and repairbox on all your tanks you had to buy a lot of them because they are not freely demountable anymore. People who use these mainly do not value equipment in general.

      1. I made 21 millions from demounted equipment from all tiers 2-7, cost me less that 5 to fully equip them back.

    2. “Nothing WON’T be implemented without players’ opinion”. See their use of the double negative there?
      Sneaky, but at least that statement is one of the few tomes I believe them.
      As for artillery, rather than spend thousands of hours reworking it, leave arty mechanics as they are and just reduce the number to 1 on each team. They may have to drop the TD missions from campaigns, and place a cap on number of arty games each player can have (number or percentage), but it simple and will allow devs to focus on fixing other things or rebalance tanks.

  6. because we value the [russian teens] players’ opinions. -there i fixed it for ya.

    and nothing won’t be implemented without [russian teens] players’ opinions -there I fixed it for ya.

    also, we don’t do no double negatives in the English language my red friend.

    the SPG shell rework sounds like SPG will become more fun for SPG players, and MUCH WORSE for every other mother fucker in WoT. It will NOT PREVENT camping, only make players camp HARDER THAN EVER BEFORE.

    the free warning for tanks when an SPG is in the air on its way to deliver you a present of joy, I’m not sure how this fits into the game, if it is really needed, and if light tanks actually deserve a get out of jail free card. after all there is a good chance the SPG player is now throwing the wrong shell type at the light tank anyway.

    WG are going to have to redesign the maps to create more effective safe from SPG camping areas.
    Seems the two tank types everyone hates the most, SPG and wheelie bois are getting kinda buffs.

  7. We finally get sixth sense as a zero perk. Will definitely be a welcome sight for newer players, and those who grind stock tanks often. Really feels like they’re finally carrying over the better parts from WoWS.

  8. I wish they’d do something about those wheeled tanks. The ‘nerf’ this year was pretty pointless, especially since it was mostly offset by the equipment changes. Seriously, I hate those things more than I ever detested arty.

  9. Interesting how they’re again trying to balance (nerf) HE yet they completely discarded the idea of buffing standard ammo and nerfing gold ammo…

  10. The level of shit these WG cunts are spewing is more baffling and more unbelievable every time they speak.

    “because we value the players’ opinions” in the sense that the value is less than dirt, most likely

    There are very easy solutions to all the problems in the game:
    – too many arty players, just limit it to 1 per team and problem is solved
    – too much premium ammo spamming, just make the reload time longer after every shot
    – too fast wheeled vehicles, just increase the speed of the regular HE shells

  11. Arty was problematic in WoT since ever. There was never a right place in History of WoT where most players said, that was it okay as it is. And if this “improvement” goes life, i already know how it will end: Players choose the shell with the most idiot proof properties and go full redard.

    Its the same thing as ever: Slow heavies get Fuked in the arse, and moving tanks in the open will be treated as ducks on a hunt. Its the most frustrating element in the game and still WG dont even think about nerfing it in a way that makes it better for those wo got fuked up again and again by it.

    1. Just let it go, let the game run downhill hard af, let it go.. It was hard for me to accept all the wasted hours and Euros, but it´s better for your mind and heart. Don´t know any other game, which can reach this level of frustrations (thanks to RNG, MM, Bots, AFK´s, Players worse than Bots…).

  12. Yoo-Hooo!!!1one
    Swiss cavalry on the road!
    And what about UK? Second heavy branch? Maybe Chieftain?

    1. They have a wheeled branch ready, but due to the playerbase opinion on wheelies they won’t release it yet…

  13. Utter WG morons.
    Why change HE again?! Last time they did that they fucked up and left it.
    Why change arty again?! Just limit arty to 1 or 2 per team dicks!
    Why add more vheeled wehicles?!

  14. ” One crew will be used on three tanks of the same class and nation”
    I’ve got a lot 8-9-10 trios from the best lines (progetto. PL heavy) what will happen with my 2 other set of crews? Will they live in the barracks or can i convert their XP to the used crew?

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