Supertest: Kunze Panzer (Initial Stats)

A new German Tier IX medium tank will soon be sent to the Supertest: the Kunze Panzer.

The main feature of this vehicle is its Siege Mode. As opposed to the Swedish medium tanks (and the STB-1), Siege Mode is not switched on automatically in the Kunze Panzer. You have to enable it manually as with the Swedish tank destroyers. Additionally, another feature of the vehicle is the way its turret is mounted: it’s tilted 5 degrees forwards. In Siege Mode, the gun depression angle is increased (up to -15 degrees considering the turret’s tilt) and shooting accuracy is improved at the cost of decreased maneuverability, gun stabilization, and rate of fire.

With a 390 hit points damage per shot, the standard APCR shell penetrates 268 mm, and the special HEAT shell penetrates 300 mm of armor. The vehicle’s armor is rather thin. Its turret has only 63 mm of steel in the front and the vehicle’s durability is 1,600 hit points.

The Kunze Panzer is very different from normal medium tanks. It plays the role of a positional sniper in Siege Mode, and it can efficiently support its allies at medium ranges in Travel Mode thanks to its high damage per minute. Its full potential can only be reached if both gameplay styles are combined in the right way.

9 thoughts on “Supertest: Kunze Panzer (Initial Stats)

  1. dunno if historical or not but at least it doesn’t look as retarded as fakepanzer 50t.

  2. with that base dispersion out of siege mode it seems like it’s gonna be a really awkward gimmick to play around, but with these being initial stats it’ll hopefully get changed

  3. Siege mode looks odd (worse rof and gun stabilisation?!) and the whole tank isn’t impressive. On the stats provided so far Leo PTA looks far superior.

    1. it loses DPM and mobility when entering siege mode but gets significantly better aimtime and dispersion, and with how bad its normal dispersion is (when not in siege mode) it’ll be kind of awkward to play, pretty much just an strv with less armor and a turret

  4. Siege mode on this thing looks like turbo mode on the CS-63 – you gain something (in this case gun depression and elevation, accuracy, and aim time), but lose other stuff in exchange (rof, speed, hp/t).

    And unlike the Crappanzer 50t it’s not a hulldown monster but is made of German chocolate wrap.

    Overall it seems balanced, which is uncommon for high tier reward premiums.

  5. you sure this is not Russian tank??
    The stats are too suspicious for it to be German…

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