Holiday Ops 2021: Lootbox Prize Chances

These are the chances of drawing prizes from Large Boxes. According to wotclue, the data is official.

In the summer of 2020, a new version of WoT was released in China and in accordance with the legislation of this country, the chances of winning individual awards must be open and publicly available.

The awards are divided into four groups:

100% chance:
-250 gold
-Tier V decoration from a specific collection
-Decoration of a random level from a specific collection;

  • something from the list below:

85.94% chance: premium account, gold or credits;
11.66% chance: tier 3-6 premium tanks;
8.4% chance: tier 8 premium tanks and 3D styles.

You can only receive 3D styles that you do not already own (only one 3D style of each type per account).

Link to source image (russian text)

11 thoughts on “Holiday Ops 2021: Lootbox Prize Chances

  1. There is a problem. As far as I know, you don’t get duplicated 3D styles. That means after you get all the 3D styles, is the chance you get “tier 8 premium tanks and 3D styles” still 8.4%? I bet no. Then the chances are misleading. Boxes are still best way to get gold and premium, but don’t gamble on those tanks.

    1. It’s possibly a “pool” of rewards that you have 8.4% chace to get, where some rewards can be chosen only once, making your chances of other rewards inside the pool higher.

  2. Im curious how the chances are calculated. Adding all those chances together would mean, that the winning chance is 106%.

    But the part with the styles matches with the situation i have experienced last year. I have got my tier 8 tanks after i got all those styles. And by the boxes i bought this year (58 pcs) i managed to geht only the 60tp style.

    1. they are not additive with each other, at the same time you can get some extra gold and nothing more, you can get absolutely nothing extra and even get the high tier prem but not the extra gold.

  3. Styles are ‘shortlist’ from Wows. Within 8% you have 11 styles and 4 tanks. Your chance of winning tier 8 is 4/15 within those 8%, just above 2%, and 0.5% chance of winning a tank you want. Styles are there to ‘water down’ chance of winning a tank. Good luck 🙂

    1. In fact, even 0.5% is not a bad chance in current mobile games. I was a pure fresh children gamer 15 years ago, and I never thought of a future like this.

    2. Well they are watering down the chance
      But the shortlist actively prevented you from getting stuff wich is not the case here

  4. It’s sad that even Pc gaming is contaminated by the root box. But % is not bad compared to other evil games. And if think about Gold, the root box of Wot is in Gamer’s favor. Especially if someone spend more than $200 for preparing next year.

  5. Now is absolutely the time to buy boxes IF you can afford it, it really does set you up for the next year.

    At least the WoT event eclipses the WoWS paywall disaster.

    WoWS is losing a lot of veteran players, with screwing patrons over and over again events.

    WoT Christmas is a brilliant event compared to WoWS.

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