WoWS: Santa’s Gift Containers

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PS: You can’t get any of the 100 ships unless you already own at least one of the 3 ships on the shortlist. YOU WILL NOT GET ANY OF THE RARE SHIPS.

The festive cannonade is getting closer—Santa’s containers have arrived in World of Warships.

Every festive Santa’s Gift container will bring you something of value: Coal, doubloons, signals, or even a Premium ship. This year, more ships have been added to the list of Premium ships, and you have chances of becoming the owner of the following rare ships: IV Imperator Nikolai I, V Gremyashchy, V Kamikaze, V Fūjin, V Giulio Cesare, VII Flint, VII Belfast, VIII Mikhail Kutuzov, and VIII Enterprise; plus the following Tier IX ships: IX Neustrashimy, IX Missouri, IX Musashi, Kronstadt, IX Benham, IX Jean Bart, IX Pommern, IX Ägir, IX Georgia, IX Alaska, IX Azuma, and IX Friesland.

It’s important to point out that next year, ships IV Imperator Nikolai I, V Gremyashchy, V Fūjin, V Giulio Cesare, and V Kamikaze will not be included in Santa’s containers. Don’t miss your chance to get rare Premium ships!

Here’s a list of ships that you can find in Gift containers:

  • IV Imperator Nikolai I
  • V Gremyashchy
  • V Kamikaze
  • V Fūjin
  • V Giulio Cesare
  • VII Flint
  • VII Belfast
  • VIII Mikhail Kutuzov
  • VIII Enterprise
  • IX Neustrashimy
  • IX Missouri
  • IX Musashi
  • IX Kronshtadt
  • IX Benham
  • IX Jean Bart
  • IX Pommern
  • IX Ägir
  • IX Georgia
  • IX Alaska
  • IX Azuma
  • IX Friesland
  • VIII Siliwangi
  • VIII Graf Zeppelin
  • VIII Roma
  • VIII Vanguard
  • VIII Kii
  • VIII Massachusetts
  • VIII Champagne
  • VIII Tirpitz
  • VIII Gascogne
  • VIII Alabama
  • VIII Indomitable
  • VIII Irian
  • VIII Wichita
  • VIII Cheshire
  • VIII Pyotr Bagration
  • VIII Ochakov
  • VIII Mainz
  • VIII Lenin
  • VIII Saipan
  • VIII Kaga
  • VIII Prinz Eugen
  • VIII Bayard
  • VIII Atago
  • VIII Orkan
  • VIII Z-35
  • VIII Cossack
  • VIII Le Terrible
  • VIII Asashio
  • VIII Kidd
  • VIII Loyang
  • VII Duca degli Abruzzi
  • VII Nelson
  • VII Duke of York
  • VII Hood
  • VII California
  • VII Poltava
  • VII Scharnhorst
  • VII Ashitaka
  • VII Atlanta
  • VII Nueve de Julio
  • VII Gorizia
  • VII Boise
  • VII Lazo
  • VII Indianapolis
  • VII Yūdachi
  • VII Z-39
  • VII Haida
  • VII Leningrad
  • VII Sims
  • VII Błyskawica
  • VI W. Virginia 1941
  • VI Prinz Eitel Friedrich
  • VI Duca d’Aosta
  • VI Arizona
  • VI Mutsu
  • VI Warspite
  • VI Erich Loewenhardt
  • VI Ark Royal
  • VI London
  • VI De Grasse
  • VI T-61
  • VI Dunkerque
  • VI Admiral Makarov
  • VI Huanghe
  • VI Perth
  • VI Admiral Graf Spee
  • VI Aigle
  • VI Monaghan
  • VI Molotov
  • VI Gallant
  • VI Anshan
  • V Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya
  • V Viribus Unitis
  • V Genova
  • V Texas
  • V Kirov
  • V Mikoyan
  • V Exeter
  • V Yahagi
  • V Marblehead Lima
  • V Marblehead
  • V Murmansk
  • V Krasny Krym
  • V Hill
  • V Siroco
  • V Okhotnik

The ships are credited with a Port slot and Commander with 10 skill points.

Compensation Rules

If a ship that you already have in your Port is dropped, the Santa’s Gift container will be replaced by a supercontainer. It will drop another ship from the list and a Commander with 10 skill points. More information about the available compensation can be read here.

How Do You Get Your Gift?

Get your first gifts from Santa Claus—two Santa’s Gift containers await you in free daily random “Winter Trophies” bundles in the Armory. You can also earn one Santa’s Gift container and one Santa’s Big Gift container for completing Advent Calendar quests. More information about that can be found here.

Santa’s containers are available in the Premium Shop and Armory.

Santa’s Mega Gift

Santa’s Mega Gift containers have with the highest chances of dropping ships.

Santa’s Big Gift

Santa’s Big Gift containers have higher chances of dropping ships than Santa’s Gift containers.

Santa’s Gift

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Even More Gifts

For completing the third combat mission group in 0.9.11, you’ll receive the New Year permanent camouflage, which can be mounted on most Tier VIII ships.

Apart from the Santa’s Gift containers, daily random bundles in the Armory contain festive camouflages (Frosty Fir Tree, Winter Strands, New Year Streamer, Type 3—New Year, and New Year), as well as Coal, doubloons, and Premium Account time. You can obtain up to 12 bundles in total.

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