World of Tanks Coffee Launched

Source: ASIA Portal

We’re proud to officially announce our partnership with Ironside Coffee. Over a year in the making, the Arabica Premium Coffee Roast (APCR) blend is finally available for purchase with all profits being donated to Legacy Australia.

Ironside is based out of Canberra, run by Ben and Nyomie Horton, who have collectively served in the Australian military for over 30 years. The team’s interest and involvement in the military continues to this day, with Ben producing the Ironside Podcast, which focuses on lessons learnt from leaders in the Australian Defence Force.

The APCR blend is a premium, single origin from the Ainaro Municipality, Timor Leste, made from premium hand-picked, certified free trade beans. Timor Leste is an important region for Australian Military History, as the nation and its surrounds were the focus of the Australian Sparrow Force Commandos during WWII.

Ironside’s World of Tanks APCR coffee will be available from the 16th of November and can be purchased from Ironside’s online store in 500g quantities. In addition, for every unit of coffee sold, we will donate 100% of all profits to Legacy charity to support veterans and their families.

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10 thoughts on “World of Tanks Coffee Launched

  1. WTF

    Next it will be: “WOT toilet roll! its all wot is good for! be the 1 to wipe out the enemy using 15 rapid moving sheets guaranteed to move you on for your next shjt! just like MM!”

    1. but be sure to buy the expensive gold edition of the toilet paper, because that standard one bounces right off your ass and causes only critical damage to your butthole.

      …if you pardon my French.

    2. After you use our WoT toilet roll, send in your design ideas for the next russian tank!!.

      Please no more smudges that appear to look like famous personalities though, we have enough of those.

  2. If it says “Arabica” we know it is a synonim for “Terrorism”. So i doubt the funds will go to veterans. For sure they will go to yihadist so DON’T BUY IT UNTIL THE ARABIC BULLSHIT IS CHANGED TO AUSTRALIAN COFFEE

    1. Yes i dunna want ma hard aussie dollars funding arab terror and I duna want ma aussie dollars going to Chyna either.

    2. Arabica is a type of coffee, you tool, read something else than instagram during the day.

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