Holiday Ops 2021: 2D Style Sets Pictures

These are rewards for completing the Christmas collections.

  • Collecting the entire collection will give you an exclusive 2D style and a unique sticker. After collecting all the large decorations, you will also receive a special sticker. Collect all four collections to get a complete set of four amazing new 2D styles and Holiday Ops 2021 stickers!

Christmas Collection

Magic Collection

New Year’s Collection

Lunar New Year Collection

4 thoughts on “Holiday Ops 2021: 2D Style Sets Pictures

  1. The ‘Magic’ style is the best imho, first one is also nice though a bit creepy.

    The other two are meh 🙁

    1. “Christmas” style is simply copied from an old Soviet “Nutcracker” cartoon. If you know this classical tale, then yes, it is a bit creepy.
      I do like “Magic” one.
      3rd, caviar on the tank is just weird. Then again, we already had socks and pajamas, and tangerines, and Murazor’s carpet…

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