52 thoughts on “SirFoch Quits World of Tanks

  1. One salt factory less. Feels good man. Haven’t watched him in years because he got annoying with all his whining over the time.

    1. Sounds like he was living rent free inside your head even when you wasn’t watching him lmao.

    2. Because he acknowledges, like many others, the state of the game is terrible, with no foreseeable plans in improvement? That problems aren’t getting fixed or even attempted, their fix constitutes releasing a new tier 8 prem on the market to quiet things down? You are even stupider than you sound.

  2. Good luck Sir Foch. Wishing all the best for your future.
    I wish other streamers would follow your decision but I guess they’re too greedy.

      1. You really believe that? You think if you play the same game 6 hours a day for years is fun? Lol! They only do it because they earn their living with it.

  3. Will you post about WG’s new failure, selling off it’s “new” game project, Caliber to 1C after years of closed beta testing?

    1. It was a collab with 1C from the very beginning from what I see. I’ll see what I can find

      1. I think you are right. In that case either WG wasn’t satisfied with the product, or 1C wasn’t satisfied with WG.

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  4. I dont blame him for quitting at all. I really hope he can be successful in the future.

  5. I agree with Foch. EBRs and OP T10.5 tanks broke Randoms. I completely quit Randoms last year due to their turbo one-sided nature and only play WOT for Frontlines for some casual fun and rewards. But WG decided to nerf FL to 4 episodes this year, just to spite me. Well, WG won’t ever see any more money from me, so there you go.

  6. Sir Foch: “I let you live. You tell me I could never leave, but I chose to spare you. Maybe the community is right. Maybe this is all a trick, a way to get me so confused that I’d forget who I am and become your slave again, but either way… I quit. I’ve finally broken your hold over me.”

    WG: As long as wot lives, I will always control you.

    1. i think you need to chill with the racist talk my dude, maybe a ban would be a good thing for you

      1. Jajaja este yanqui se cree muy listo, el govir-19 le afecto su única neurona. Vengo de antros del subsuelo del subsuelo donde se enseña el arte de las multicuentas. No me afectan tus amenazas de anglo-musulmán-manicero.

  7. I’ve been saying for YEARS about not needing xvm to predict battle outcomes with over 90% accuracy (higher than xvm) simply by looking at MM team forming of tank models, and which map you are loading into. Now I don’t even bother with that because of the rng that is “gifted” to certain better players, and the oh so obvious MM.

    Then came the great rebalancing where rng was increased to better balance battles , this made good players slightly worse off and bad players slightly better off, with “random” bounces and more common ammo rack hits, or engine fires, or drivers killed etc, caused to the better players by the worse players.

    I called this CAA or Computer Aided Advantage. This has been in video games for decades, and its built into the game coding, to balance the game, so players don’t get too put off of playing.

    We accepted the fast T100LT, the Bat Chats, The AMX’s, but then came the wheeled tanks, which were ever so slightly even faster. And the broken reward/ campaign etc tanks, that not everyone can get, but here SOME of you can, and go nuts, because they are horribly broken, so go out and ruin random battles in them.

    As Foch and every other man and his dog knows, they are so broken, they are banned from ranked battles, by WG themselves. Just as, many years ago, me and a few mates would ban certain characters in Tekken, and MANY MANY YEARS before WoT, Street Fighter II, because they too were so OP, they were broken. This was where me and my friends and brother recognised CAA, at the age of 10 or so, in the 1980s, and Supercars II two player mode, which actually had a handicap option in settings, the car that was losing could get a magical speed boost to keep the game competitive…..you could disable this though.

    You can recognise broken OP things and CAA in many games.

    Current game issues in WoT:

    -Reduction of players skill, that increase of rng loading on the higher skill players is killing them off, game turns from fun and engaging, to creating mental health issues.

    -Light speeder tanks, super heavies can’t even make it to safety at very start of games on some maps before being spotted, killing off super heavy, slow tanks.

    -3x SPG per battle, yes WG it’s STILL a problem. So bad in fact you limited SPG to 2x per ranked battle per team.

    -Reward campaign broken tanks, that YOU go ahead and release anyway. See above regarding ranked, completely banned. That’s on YOU.

    -Gonna say it for the hundredth time, but invisible TDs are a huge problem in WoT. They cause an extremely slow if not completely stop attacks, and create a wonderful camping simulator.
    Sorry but I thought I was here to smash tanks with my tank. Players playing the “free” version of the game will flat out refuse to attack, and begin looking at stone walls for extended periods, while slowly being bombed to death anyway, by SPG’s. If you get frustrated and move out solo, it’s instant death, so you become one of the stone wall connoisseurs yourself.

    -Not gonna mention gold ammo, I don’t know why players keep banging on about it, in my tier 10 and ranked battles EVERYONE is using it, including your mum, 100% use of gold ammo. It’s a complete waste of time for players to remain so focused on gold ammo being the cause of many issues, when it absolutely is obvious it has been 100% absorbed into the daily gameplay. We need to focus on the other problems listed above primarily.

    The only good thing about attacking a russian enemy tank, is gold ammo has high chance of non damage hits to their sides, so load anything else, another little bit of russian bias hidden in there, but hey you’re gonna save some credits, IF you survive the ammo switch over period as the mighty russian tank is dominating you, because chances are high, he coming at you with no fear.

    No offense to the free playing users of the game, but I honestly think they make a huge impact on the MM and the teams chances of winning.
    Going back to the gold ammo issue, the team that shoots the most gold generally SHOULD have the highest chance of DPM, in turn creating the highest chance of winning. IN THEORY.
    Then the old WG rng CAA initiates. Other factors come in such as map position, are your team in a position to shoot at the enemy, how many Russian tanks on enemy team etc etc?.

    If xvm was gonna do anything to aid information to a user these days it should show how many “free game” users on each team, (at higher tiers say 8-10, and events like ranked battles, frontlines).

    I think you would all be shocked at the results.

    All above mentioned is only my observations and personal opinion, everyone has one, you are free to express yours as I am mine. Your opinion of saying I am wrong about my opinion won’t change my outlook on the game, so save your time and everyone else’s sanity. Perhaps give YOUR opinion of the state of the game, not an opinion of an opinion.

    1. It isn’t just the free to play players that are doing that, you have those that are more concerned about padding their stats that they sit baseline all match and watch teams die around them.

      Then you have the players that race up the tiers, I can’t tell you how many players on each team that are playing tier 8 (non premium) – 10 and have only a couple thousand battles under their belt, if that.

      Then you have the new players playing tier 8 premiums, which end up in tier 9 & 10 battles.

      I have XVM without the chance to win, because I don’t believe that part, so I can see how imbalanced the teams are player wise. While I have seen my share of teams with mainly orange players with a couple yellow players beat teams that had several green and mostly yellow players (referencing my first part), that is the exception to the norm.

      I kept track of the results of my games for a month (170 battles) a while back and found wins/losses of:
      15 – 0 through 15 – 11 were 85.294%
      15 – 4 through 15 – 11 were 71.765%
      15 – 4 through 15 – 7 were 40.588%
      15 – 4 through 15 – 9 were 57.647%

      More than 1/2 the battles ended in just 6 score ranges. I would love to get my hands on WG’s data to see what the results are for each region, but I bet that my data isn’t far off.

    2. It would be interesting would be to do like what can be done with Madden NFL game and have the teams play each other (computer controlled) several times on a map with the random MM and so that we could take human play out of it and see what the impact the tanks themselves and the map itself have on outcome. If WG did this it would help them balance maps and tanks better I would think.

  8. When you only play tier X randoms solo most of the time. There is only that much you can take. I’m amazed he lasted that long doing it. He never had a good stream where you could see he had fun playing WOT for years. Now he is playing racing games and he is a 100% different person, as he is actually having fun. And when the game is no longer fun for you. Why stay? Find something else that’s more fun.

    1. Well a lot of people stay mostly because they view themselves as being too invested in the game and have played it for so long they don’t know what to play next.

  9. I have not watched Foch’s streams as much as I used to lately because all the salt was getting a bit too much for me, but I agree with the points he raises, above all with his withering criticism of wheeled tanks – introducing them in the present form was very likely the single most idiotic game design move ever made by Wargaming.

    Hats off for his decision to quit; it is a very grave decision for him which may well cost him his career as a full-time streamer, but it goes to show the man has a backbone. I hope he’ll find success with Simracing.

  10. Sad but understandable. There is little hope for someone like him who tries to only shoot regular ammo and play hipster tanks. Good for his mental well-being though. He hasn’t enjoyed the game for a long time and the way it’s going I don’t think he’s the only one. There’s a reason Circon mainly lurks in tier 6-8. They’ve ruined the game beyond repair by dumbing it down so much.

    1. I find myself doing it the Circon way as well – I mostly play Tier VI and VII these days, plus the occasional Tier VIII match when I need credits. As to Tier X, I avoid it as the devil himself – I’m tired of chasing stupid wheelchair racers around in my Leopard. All the bonds and other goodies in the world don’t justify playing a game when it is zero fun.

  11. Foch is spot on with all of his criticism. The game has gotten gradually worse over the years and there are no signs of improvement.
    New year’s resolution. Kick the WoT habit for good.

  12. Never heard of this pussy so I don’t care.

    (Forum Moderator and WG bitch)

  13. And these clowns roll out Chuck Norris for the same event they do every time. Wargaming are out of touch as fuck.

    We’re going on two years since they “delayed” the 430U nerf. Fuck this company.

    1. Well the game’s popularity peaked in 2015 and after that its been on a slow decline. This is largely due to WG’s balancing being a shoddy fucking mess as they prefer OP tanks for short term profit gains vs long term balanced tanks for a healthy game and steady profits.

      WTE100 was nerfed twice and eventually they removed it.
      EBR 105 has been out for over a year and its only had a small rework but none of the nerfs it needs.
      430U as you said has been around for 2 years and they “nerfed” it to where gold from tier 9 tanks has a 50/50 chance of penning while Tier 8s are still fucked against it.
      Type4/5 they waited over a year to nerf those
      268v4 is probably the only controversial tank in recent memory that they did nerf without it going over a year of it being in the game.

      1. It because there cater to the player base which is Czech, Poland and Russia. Czech and Poland players are trash and Russia are good. EU players spend the most money to keep game going.
        SuperTesters all RU only and they only want OP tanks so WoT gives them what want. Major of players in RU cheat so these players dont care about tank balancing.
        It’s only the EU cry about everything think about this game. But WoT don’t care because the EU players base much smaller and year always year the EU keep spending money on trash.

      2. The greenest and most casual of players can spot problems with all of the tanks you’ve mentioned.
        There have been endless fan submitted alternatives to how said vehicles could be both fun to play and be matched against… but Wargaming knows best!

        A way of thinking that has seen the player base erode, the fun drained out of the game and repeated introduction of broken vehicles that will ultimately be the death knell for World of Tanks.

        As a fan of the game it’s just sad to watch. The EBR’s were the final straw for me. I’ve gone from playing only WoT as my videogame of choice to barely logging in once a week and perhaps playing a battle or two.

        Unfortunately the amount of effort that WG put into their Christmas and lootbox style events and animations shows where their real priorities lie.
        (Not to mention the charisma vaccum that is Ekepoo as a community rep, what a joke!)

      3. Funny that WTE100 never had that impact that ebr has on game but WTE100 has been removed.

  14. Why is he quitting now? He should have quit 3 years ago when WG threatened him with copyright strike against his channel.

    1. They also accused him of “hate speech”, which was a pathetic lie. True, he was salty as hell at times, but I have watched him lots and I have never heard him make “hate speech”. What he DID do was to slag off Wargaming’s gaming questionable design decisions, but while his language was perhaps too explicit at times, he said what everybody was thinking, and I guess that was exactly why Wargaming wanted to get rid of him.

      Trying to silence a CC by using copyright protection as a pretext to get his content off the net and, when that didn’t work, by trying to murder his reputation? WG showed some real class there.

  15. of course if wargaming tried to actualy do something about the current meta of the game and not buff tanks that were not suposed to buff, the game would be actualy very good
    and with EBR, foch is totaly right, they are ruining the current MM and they are making a big impact on the other lites of the game but hopefuly they will learn something from a ex comunity contribuitor that is quiting because of these reasons
    Make a change not sleep over it WG

  16. Unfortunately, this is not gonna change anything. Even after Wargaming’s heavyhanded approach to “Fochgate”, when SirFoch flat out refused to be reinstated as a CC, nothing changed. One of more prominent CCs – Jingles – quit himself. Did Wargaming take notice? Hardly.
    Right now Kisly and his fat cats only care whether upcoming cash tsunami from all the Xmas gambling boxes is going to rip their pockets. As long as there are people flooding them with money, there is no need to even pay attention to game’s issues, much less fixing them.

      1. And while you were doing that she was off shaggin my mate Andy. – TheMightyCuckhold indeed

    1. Another English CC also quit a couple of years ago,… MarkGFL. I think his name was.

  17. I believe many streamers (aka content creators) are kind of tired of WOT as well BUT…. Is their income we talk about! Many like QB, Dez or even Skill now… DOn’t do anything else besides streaming and Twitch. And they do good money!
    This content creators are part of WG marketing machine… You can see RagingRaptor latest video.

    1. Yeah he had every reason to rage. Not worth it becoming a Community Contributor in this day and age.

  18. This guy at least it had a correct opinion about this game and how fake it is.You see in this game are guys that are making money like wargaming and ccs and guys that pay with real money for virtual things.

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