Supertest: K-91-PT (Initial Stats)

The Tier IX Soviet tank destroyer K-91-PT will be coming to the Supertest on Monday.

The vehicle is equipped with a 122 mm gun that has an accuracy of 0.4 and an aiming time of 2.2s. The reload time is 8.6s. Its standard AP shell can penetrate as much as 258 mm, while the special APCR shell can penetrate 315 mm of enemy armor. The gun traverse angles are 10 degrees on each side and the view range is 360 m.

As for survivability, only the front of the superstructure is very well protected. The vehicle’s durability is 1,600 HP. The vehicle speed can reach up to 45 km/h, and it has a specific power of 20 h.p./t.

The K-91-PT is a support vehicle for medium and light reconnaissance tanks. The vehicle’s mobility allows it to reach key positions on the map, and its firepower is enough to cause significant amounts of damage to enemies.

Take advantage of the vehicle’s pros while considering its cons (such as the gun’s traverse limits and depression/elevation angles) so that you can fully unleash the potential of this tank destroyer.

12 thoughts on “Supertest: K-91-PT (Initial Stats)

  1. ehm this tank cant be good. K91 as Td, i mean who asked for that and it wont work, K91 can be penned frontaol in the tracks, thats the death for a td version of it

    1. the K-91-2 likely has that spot thickened so that it can’t just get cheesed when doing anything that isn’t hulldown, so this would probably get a similar treatment

  2. is there any working suspension on this thing? doesn’t seem suitable for off-road driving even.

  3. So this is the Obj 268 V2 but with a smaller caliber gun and renamed to avoid confusion between it and the Obj 268 and Obj 268 V4…

    For those that dont know the difference: the V2 had slightly less armour but at a much lower angled so the effective armour would have been less.

    This should have been in the tech tree where the Obj 263 currently is because it would have made the line visually more consistant.

    But since when has WG ever used the logic tech tree choice as such? Never, must make the logic choise into a premium while the distinctly different one is in the line and out of place

    1. Well, I do agree with your main point, but that’s not the 268 V2. It’s a K91 based TD that was actually planned as well, with blueprints and everything. However, I do agree that’s this would still work as tier IX TD rather than a tier IX premium.

  4. i’d rather they give us back the old SU-122-54, that was a good looking machine tho. Even as collector’s tank for bonds.

    1. Yes, that was a pretty tank and at least it was a real tank. I liked it a lot, even if it wasn’t that versatile.

  5. This looks like the tank that should’ve been between Su 101 and Obj 268 4, if you take purely by looks and design.

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