Supertest: 🇮🇹 Rinoceronte – Changed Stats

Rinoceronte. Stats with crew at 100%:

Engine: 770 hp   650 hp
Maximum load: 46,00 t   46,50 t
Power-to-weight: 17,22 hp / t   14,54 hp / t
Max speed / Reverse speed: 50   40 / -12 km / h

Terrain resistance values: 1,3 / 1,8 / 3,1   1,1 / 1,2 / 2,3

Aim spread:

  • during vehicle movement: 0,24   0,30;
  • during vehicle rotation: 0,24   0,30
  • at the maximum vehicle rotation speed: 7,01   8,76.

32 thoughts on “Supertest: 🇮🇹 Rinoceronte – Changed Stats

  1. Ok this tank is clearly immune to dmg and cannot be killed, thats the only possible reason to justify all this massive nerfs

  2. Looks like autoreloader 2.0 on a well armored hull down heavy is almost impossible to balance.

    1. Well armored? Since when 190 mm of turret armor with very little slope is considered well armored?

  3. No matter how op the armor on this thing seems there is no way I’m playing a tank with stats as bad as this lmao

    1. Exact my opinion, good gun handling makes fun to play… With that dispersion a clearly no for me and dont care about the other stats.

  4. Guys, rather than complain it’s being nerfed too much, try to think the opposite – maybe it was TOO F–KING STRONG and WG wanted to avoid another Progetto 65 situation?

    1. The Progetto 65 wasn’t that big a deal honestly, people who don’t know how to use autoreloader properly did nothing in them and in the end it’s just another tier 10 medium.

      1. When (if) I’ll stop seeing post-nerf Progetto get big numbers in pretty much every game I see one, maybe I’ll believe you.

        Even now it is one of the better Tier 10 tanks available, it is just less brainless and needs a more careful approach because the gun handling is worse (but nowhere as bad as say BatChat).

        Rinoceronte was the same thing, but as a heavy, with no turret weakspots, and with a 127mm gun. That was obviously overtuned and these repeated nerfs show the tank is still an issue in terms of balancing.

        1. You referring to the premium because it wasn’t even nerfed. It was actually buffed given that its reload was adjusted to have a gun rammer built in thus freeing up an equipment slot.

    2. The only things “OP” about it was the gun handling; 268 base pen, 1.5s aim time, dispersion values. Those are the only things that should’ve been nerfed and it still would’ve been a line worth grinding…
      Now it’s just nonsense.

  5. Can I have the option to mount a non-autoreloader variant of the gun in exchange for tier 10 gun handling and dpm?

    Seriously what’s the fucking point of this tank, “yeaaaaaaah 1.5k damage in 8 seconds” bro the IS-3A does that at tier 8, the AMX 50 100 can clip a tier 9 heavy at tier 8, that tier 10 has less dpm than the fucking Tiger P and the gun handling of the shit barn what the fuck do they expect it to do?!

    1. I’d like to see the Bobject take out a hulldown Rinoceronte without being able to flank it.

      1. Load HEAT, hit the turret cheeks that seem awfully flat and poorly angled, win.
        If he’s using gun depression, spam HE at the gun and destroy it + splash the crew sitting under it. The gun looks massive, and clearly between the awful accuracy and long intraclip reload you have time to fire back without risking too much of your tank.

        1. awful accuracy

          0.32 is “awful” now?

          Also, on flat ground the turret won’t do much, but this tank has -10 degrees of gun depression, so that 190 raw (which should be well higher than 200 even on flat ground) becomes God knows how much when fully depressing the gun.

  6. Lol. This must be the most nerfed tank concept ever. But I agree with Molotof above, the tank is apparently so difficult to take out (especially when hull down) that they simply can’t find a good way to balance it. That doesn’t bode well. Perhaps the whole concept for the tank is fundamentally flawed.

    1. I don’t think the problem is it’s hull down ability… I mean the Swedish heavies do the same but better in every aspect as of now.
      The people at WG in charge of developing this line are just incompetent.

  7. i would rather have 3.5 s aim time than arta level dispersions on my tank. Won t even consider grinding them with such poor gun parameters. Mobile heavy with horrible gun dispersions isn t really mobile in my opinion since u get a pineapple on your screen everytime u press w

  8. You mongoloids dont get how supertest works. 1st they test “great stats” then 2nd they test “nerfed stats” for example above. Then they choose some stats between the 1st buffed and 2nd nerfed stats.

    1. Unless its russian! then they’ll just nerf 10mm of the cupola armor and eave it… Like the Bobjects

  9. It’s wild because this thing is still going to have to frequently face something like a Chieftain which outclasses it in absolutely every single way by quite a lot. Hopefully they improve it back to at least usable, otherwise it will be one of the worst tier 10’s both on release and otherwise.

  10. Most reward tanks out class everything else anyway.

    If you don’t give your entire soul to WoT these days you miss out and you become less competitive.

    You gotta quit your job, your life, your family, and play clan wars, events, marathons, a fuck ton of randoms, and get so incredibly “lucky” with your “random” teams others will think the only possible way you COULD complete missions is by rigging….

    Chieftains, Obj 279(e)s etc.

    What was that rigged russian tank players got, never see now because WG conveniently forgot to update it, used to be incredibly OP now its meh??. NA server went bananas over it as the ONLY way players could possibly have got it in the time it was available was by cheating.

    Many had that tank taken from them. Some still have it, sitting there as an admission of guilt, but hidden in their garages. I last saw one about 12 months ago.

  11. The tank you’re referring to is the T22 Medium. It was nerfed to shit to punish those suspected of rigging battles to win it (not that reward tanks should be OP to start with).

    You rarely see them played not only because they’re very average, but also because those playing them seem to get tagged as cheats. (Unfortunate for those few that rightly earned them).

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