WoT Clan Rivals: Urban Jungle – Meet the Winners

Source: EU Portal

INVIL are the victors!

After a weekend of heavy clashes and remarkable comebacks, INVILis the last team standing and become the new Clan Rivals champion – the new king of the jungle!

After a close fight between R4YD and INVIL on day one, INVIL emerged victorious after an exciting tie-breaker. They also ran over CSA with a convincing 4-0 in dominating fashion – a shock to the tournament as CSA, a finalist from the previous tournament lost all matches this time around. FAME dropped one battle to R4YD, but also came out with a convincing 3-1 win.

As day two dawned, each team began beating their chests. INVIL completely dominated FAME in the upper bracket final with a 4-0 that nobody could have predicted. FAME bounced back after a thrilling tie-breaker match against R4YD with multiple battles on a knifes edge. FAME progressed to the final having won all games.

The grand final was back and forth between both teams; with no team able to get a clear advantage. FAME got into match point at 3-2, but they weren’t able to convert, so it went into a final and deciding battle on Prokhorovka. Both teams ended up brawling in a gigantic fight in the middle with INVIL gaining the upper edge before emerging as title champions after a tense 4-3 tiebreak win.

Announcement from INVIL command:

After a long way to the final, we tried to show our best side. Unfortunately, not everything was going smoothly, but we pulled ourselves together and were able to win the entire tournament. For our part, we would like to thank Wargaming and all the teams playing in the tournament, especially against us – as well as Cygan who threw an incredible amount of emotions into commenting on this event, not only ours, but all matches. It was an incredibly uplifting experience.

Each of us gave our best to play each round at the highest level. The most exciting and somewhat stressful game was the final match against FAME. After many months, we managed to complete a line-up that can play with each other in a great atmosphere. Having such players with us, we look to the future with a smile and look forward to the next 15vs15 tournaments! It was an amazing adventure and definitely not our last. We hope such tournaments will be more frequent!

Congratulations to latzy_Primus (R4YD) as the Most Valued Player, while huge praise goes to INVIL for this season’s victory!

Thank you all for watching, and heartfelt congratulations to all the teams for their sporting attitude during the event.


Last-second destruction of an EBR at 10:00, evening the score between GX R4YD and FAME after an intense match:

FAME not being able to reset the cap and a win in the last second of the game directly after:

Start of the final tie-breaker battle of the grand final. The all deciding brawl: