Well-deserved Reward Video Analysis

Short summary from colleagues at wotclue:

-“Where is WoT Classic”: possible return of Classic in 2021;
-Tank rebalance (no more details);
-New 3D Styles in the Battle Pass: for heavy, medium and tank destroyers respectively;
-Next year, Steel Hunter returns. 3 stages;
-Three new branches: Poland, Italy and Czechoslovakia.
-Black Market 2021.

In addition, the analysis from rykoszet:

-Steel Hunter will officially return next year. And judging by the thickness of the books, it’s gonna be a little bigger than this year’s.
-It is known that in the next Battle Pass there will be some TD. I would bet on the AMX 50 Foch B and Badger, as these are the only ones that didn’t had 3D styles yet. For sure, Russians and Americans are out, because there would not be the same nation 3 times, they will rather give some new ones likely.
-New Czech line in 2021 and new Italian line. Probably the new HTs will come out somewhere in the beginning of next year.
-Black Market.
-This Churchill mock-up, maybe it’s some kind of D-Day PvE event, Road to Berlin?

18 thoughts on “Well-deserved Reward Video Analysis

  1. Who needs more fake Polak vehicles? Give us the goddamn Swiss and Hungarian tech trees already WG FFS.

      1. Why is that so? WG don’t care about historical accuracy anymore, they can balance any tank however they wanted.

  2. We will not get a third Polish line. The covering of the Polish Tanks book is symbolic: Polish MTs are now in the game. Devs will now work on ITA Heavies and a Czech line (probably LTs or TDs) for 2021. The Czech work was already announced in a Q&A on Asia server in May 2020.

    1. TDs would make a lot of sense, since a good portion of top tier model basis is already in the game – there were TDs and SPG proposals for TVP T50 and T51 projects. Also Marder and Hetzer in the game, as well as SU-100, which would all make sense to be in Czechoslovak TD line.

  3. I don’t know how to feel about this…

    The Italian line looks like it’s being held back again just like the soviet double barrels… And no new nations by the look of things. But the colors on the Czech-Italian book also share colors with Romania but that’s a reach…

    But a new line for Czechoslovakia is great. the tech tree was suffering a serious case of blue balls. and seeing a hint that a new line is coming for them is great.

    Czechoslovakia can support 5 lines in total in game. an SPG line, a TD line, a Heavy line, a 2nd Medium line. and a LT line. We’ll have to see just what WeeGee is cooking up because most of these tanks are Schrödinger’s cats. They may have existed and at the same time may not have.

    Here are some links I’ve saved, helps give everyone an idea of what could be implemented.

    (also take note on those heavies, they share a similar look to those recently found Hungarian mediums, and those mediums happened to be found by Czechoslovakian historians. A Czech-Hungarian collaboration project?)


    1. Sadley I cant post the rest of the links because of some filter or something. I’ll come up with something later

      (Can someone check the TAP email? I sent my post there because I was having issues earlier.)

        1. I see. Weird even if its just the extensions it wont post.

          Maybe i’ll make an imjur post with the links. I found my old Czechoslovakia Tech Tree rework. I thought it was lost but it’ll help explain what I mean and everyone can check those links too.

  4. Yes please more Steel Hunter! I know not many people here care about it but I do. It is after all the only regularly occuring gamemode in World of Tanks where you cannot get an advantage by spending real life money. I just hope it stays that way.
    As for content a third map and some more tank- and build-options would be welcome.
    There are some balance issues they should adress in the early game but other than that I think it’s perfect for what it is. I just really like the ammo-, spotting- and consumable mechanics.

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