WoT: Winter Marathon Prize + Xmas box prize

Russian sources believe that the Soviet Object 274a will be the main prize of the winter marathon. It is quite possible that we will know more details soon. They also say that Progetto C45 mod 71 will also be an Xmas box prize for this year’s Holiday Ops.

11 thoughts on “WoT: Winter Marathon Prize + Xmas box prize

  1. Fuck them if they actually go and make the new premium for the new hyped tech tree line a lootbox exclusive while there’s a marathon right before.. ‘

    1. Also delaying the release of the tech tree so more people would buy the lootboxes for the premium

      1. It is not “delaying” – it is pure incompetence! 😀 WG’s external developers aren’t ready with the line on time – again – as expected.

  2. if it is, it makes 3 years in a row a russian tank is the main prize in an xmas loot box.
    2018 IS3A
    2019 Obj 703 II
    2020 Obj 274A

    Can’t remember what previous years before 2018 were.
    Fair enough the OP russian premium tanks sell xmas crates 🙂

    1. Did you read the article? Does the article say that the 274A is part of the xmas loot boxes?

    1. Don’t think so! The 274a won’t be a marathon tank – the GSOR is underwhelming, and the Progetto heavy is okish, but not OP enough to draw money out of the players, so I am 90% sure WG will put the 274a as a lootbox tank in the crates, and the upcoming marathon (are there any news about that? I didn’t even heard rumours about a marathon at the end of the year) will be the T122M chinese tier 8.

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