Ranked Battles Ended: Fair Play Policy

Source: EU Portal

The latest Ranked Battles Season has come to an end and the best among you left their mark in the Hall of Fame. Of course, those who weren’t able to follow our Fair Play Policy have been removed, which means 214 accounts have been blocked for a week, while 88 accounts have been permanently banned. The leaderboard will be updated shortly.


Stay tuned for the rewards, which will be distributed in the next 14 days!

NOTE: Tickets regarding the positions in the leaderboard and rewards will be accepted only within 30 days of the Season closing.

7 thoughts on “Ranked Battles Ended: Fair Play Policy

  1. Wot also has a cheater, but it is much less stressful than the cheaters in other shooting games. Wot has a unique detection system that makes it difficult for cheaters to use esp. Yes, Aim Cheater is a problem. However, wot is a shooting game without a head shot, so equal hp exchange is possible depending on your skills. And the shot is affected by Rng. There’s also a variable called Armor. In the end, even Aim Cheater feels uncomfortable.

    I enjoyed cs go when I was young, and recently I played r6 hard for two years. But the competitive game play was always frustrated by Cheater. So, now i dont play first person pvp shooting game anymore. Wot is a “comparative” equitable shooting game.

    1. Cheaters simply aren’t that effective in WoT because it has so much RNG…more than basically any game out there. This game basically has loot box levels of RNG when it comes to damage rolls, accuracy, pen rolls, etc. I mean this game can truly be shit on the best of days but the RNG strangely makes it so cheaters can’t have an overwhelming advantage over legit players who play really well.

  2. Would be same cheating as in Randoms (banned mods etc), or something specific to Ranked battles?

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