Update 1.11: “Retribution” Style Set – More Pictures

It will be available for the event on the Global Map. Style treated as non-historical, valued at 750 gold. Available for vehicles of all nations and Tier VIII-X vehicles.

The styles are reminiscent of characters from the Apocalypse of St. John, which are to go on horses before the Last Judgment.

Description: …a scale tightly in hand, there went the third rider on a horse as dark as night. True Evil on one side of the scale, True Good on the other. The scale plates swayed like golden wheat in the wind. Yet each time the rider dealt justice for those whom the scale favored. He judged all equally: rich and poor, powerful and weak, good and evil, no difference mattered. And all got what they deserved, each for their own, not one another.

Source: wotclue

5 thoughts on “Update 1.11: “Retribution” Style Set – More Pictures

  1. this “we want monetisation through customisation (instead of p2w)” really got out of hand, didn’t it?
    Unfortunately, WG read this as “we want (clown) camos instead of content”

  2. WG can read? woah dude! those are some hard accusations! /s

    PS: looks more like “Justizia” the goddess of justice with all those scales

  3. They give us noobs or average players goofy camo that took 3 mins to make then give clan wars awesome ones. sigh

  4. WG rated “R” – styles and customization elements – both they want to monetize – both are going against each other – you cannot put customization elements on complete styles 2D/3D…WG rated “R”

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