Update 1.11: New 2D and 3D Styles Pictures

“By Reason or Force” style

  • Multi-season style based on the symbolism and colors of the national flag of the Republic of Chile. The name of this style comes from the national motto of the country.

“Rat Rod” style

  • All-season style based on Italian “Digital Vegetato” camouflage.

A year-round style based on “Digital Vegetato”, an Italian camouflage pattern that is associated with an abandoned vehicle covered in rust and post-battle marks. It is difficult to spot such a target in autumn forests. Even if a vehicle is detected, it can easily be considered a destroyed tank, rather than fully operational, giving its crew an advantage on the battlefield.

“Overlord” style

  • An all-season style to commemorate the Allied forces landing in Normandy.
„Retribution” Style

…a scale tightly in hand, there went the third rider on a horse as dark as night. True Evil on one side of the scale, True Good on the other. The scale plates swayed like golden wheat in the wind. Yet each time the rider dealt justice for those whom the scale favored. He judged all equally: rich and poor, powerful and weak, good and evil, no difference mattered. And all got what they deserved, each for their own, not one another.

„Reaper” Style

— …and there went the last rider on a horse red as if forged in the flames of eternal fire. He moved slowly along the wastelands, the earth lifeless and dark like the horse he rode. Gripping a scythe in his skinless hand, the rider advanced, collecting his grim harvest. The scythe was shining, flashing like lightning in the pale hands of the rider. Some fools believed it might bring hope. But no hope was left behind the rider.

3D Style “40:1” for 60TP Lewandowskiego

What was on the sign? Wizna? Come on, guys, do you even know about the place we just passed? You should! It’s been engraved into our history, even though it happened not too long ago. Ha, then again, you weren’t even born yet. It’s over there, to the south, where 720 of our heroes defended a fortified line for three days against the German 10th Panzer Division. That’s over 40,000 people! The Germans told them to surrender, but our guys refused. They fought to the last man. Just two anti-tank rifles against an entire division of tanks! If only they had our tank, at least one. This tank would have come in handy during that terrible year… Our fallen heroes are resting over there, to the south, but they will never be forgotten as they will live on in our hearts.

Kaminsky, time to move out. Turn left, then go across the bridge.

 3D Style “The Last Dragon” for WZ-111 5A

— Why was I demoted to platoon commander? I failed to execute an order. I didn’t follow it and I don’t regret it. They mapped the route in such a way that I would have had to lead the whole convoy through rice fields. No roads and with radio silence. Right across the fields. What was I supposed to do? For as long as I can remember, my family has grown rice to feed us and the country. They started before dawn and finished after midnight. It’s really hard work. Our top brass should try working in a field at least once in order to understand. I didn’t join the army to crush the hard labor of my own people whose money basically built this tank. Respecting fellow human beings is not hard. If it cost me my rank, so be it. A clear conscience is more important to me.

3D Style “Namenlos” for VK 72.01 (K)

— Entry for April 30, 19…
The day started with good news! At least it seems so, taking into account the current situation. First, the fuel trucks that arrived at our unit yesterday managed to survive last night’s aircraft raid without severe damage. That means we won’t have to stay in this godforsaken place for another week. Second, they finally kicked Becker out of the office! I’ve been looking forward to this for such a long time. If you ask me, I’d give half my reward for a chance to put that old idiot in the chair of one of those useless anti-aircraft guns he kept mounting on our tanks. Maybe there are some reasonable guys at Headquarters who finally saw that his ideas are really ridiculous. Anyway, I wish the best of luck to him and his fantastic anti-aircraft guns on the railroad. Now they’ll have a nice chance to prove their worth. As for us? It’s time to move on and provide assistance to the 101st Tank Corps. I hope we make it on time…

3D Style “Little Bart” for Conquerror Gun Carriage

— Kate, you keep complaining that you need to work with an old mechanical typewriter while you’d love to have a brand-new electric one, as if it’s better in every way. You see, there are some things that never get old. In the early 60s, I was appointed to serve in what seemed to be a top-of-the-line SPG that was experimental at the time. But you know what it was equipped with? A howitzer that was created back in 1914! World War One! Can you imagine?! I was staring at the archaic gun mounted on the newest combat vehicle imaginable and I couldn’t believe my eyes. But guess what? We were sent to target practice, and after a couple of shots… well, you see, there are just some things that never get old.

3D Style “Fair Trade” for Object 268 4

— You see, they first conduct a geological survey, then they build mines and extract ore, which they take to a metallurgical plant to create steel from it. At the same time, engineers calculate aerodynamic parameters, develop the correct geometry, carry out tests, experiment with gunpowder, and burn through thousands of pencils and sheets of paper. An entire production line, which was also being designed in blueprints for a long time before, gets launched in a weapons factory. And the steel delivered to the factory gets cast as an armor-piercing shell. That shell is put into a brass case, which also traveled a long way, turning it into a ’round’. And now I’m about to send the result of the labor of hundreds and thousands of people to the breech-ring, only to make it disappear in a few seconds. But it’s all to penetrate the armor of the enemy vehicle I’m targeting. That means it wasn’t all for nothing. It’s a fair trade, isn’t it?

3D Style “Landkreuzer” for Maus

— This is it. Schenker, Haas, Kaufmann… You got your crosses, but not the iron ones like that old fool Becker promised. Witmeyer was never found, and Lang probably won’t make it through the night. And these five brave men who went through hell and back with me have been replaced with fresh faces younger than my uniform. Yeah, there’s a serious shortage in manpower here, but did these boys deserve such a fate? Even they understand. They’re not laughing and boasting about the power of our once-great army. I can hear the tracks of red stars clattering just around the corner. But they don’t need Berlin. They’re coming for me. They’re coming to make me answer for the four years of playing with fire. What they say is true—people get what they deserve. I deserve plenty. Schenker, Haas, Kaufmann, my friends, I’m sorry we had to part in such a way. We shall meet soon enough.

3D Style “Winter Lotus” for STB-1

— The Commander trusts me. Or rather, he hates me. I don’t understand why my unit is the one that’s always given experimental vehicles. A tank should be nice and easy to use and repair in the field so that it can rapidly get back on track. But no, they decided to mount a complex hydropneumatic suspension system that’s as temperamental as a spoiled child. The instruction guide isn’t clear at all, and the maintenance manual has disappeared who knows where! Exactly who can we go up against with this vehicle? I feel like I’m already locked in mortal combat with the tank itself.

Damn it! What are these tubes? They’re not in any of the blueprints!

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