New Years Lootboxes: Aufklarungspanzer as a premium lootbox tank – leak from an angry WG employee

We have received an email from a TAP reader that claimed to be a WG representative in Minsk (He has proven his identity, and I can confirm he indeed works for Wargaming). In the email the person iterated that Christmas lootboxes will contain a lot of new premium vehicles, especially tier 8 ones. The recently re-introduced Aufklarungspanzer Panther is set to reappear in the game as a lootbox vehicle, while many of the recently announced tanks like the GSOR 1008 and Cobra will be tier 8 premium lootbox tanks. The WG employee has asked not to confirm his identity, but he reaffirmed that the reason of leaking this is due to bad mismanagement at WG Minsk and employees being fed up with the terrible situation at the company.

42 thoughts on “New Years Lootboxes: Aufklarungspanzer as a premium lootbox tank – leak from an angry WG employee

  1. “mismanagement at WG Minsk and employees being fed up with the terrible situation at the company”

    Please tell me more, I’m a good listener. Maybe the situation can be saved if more people see it.

    1. The terrible mismanagement probably regarding the Wg’s decision to move its HQ to Kiev. People don’t want to have to move into another fucking country to keep working their old jobs.

      1. I mean, given the unstable nature of the government if Belarus and the very real possibility of total internet blackouts, that isn’t mismanagement.
        But if the company then forces people to move instead of remote working, then i could see the issue!

        1. Remote working in Belarus witht he very real possibility of total internet blackouts. Have you thought this through? 😀

  2. Plz ask this ”whistle blower” more questions about the mismanagement. It will be interesting,and it will put pressure on the company to do better (or less worse…).

  3. Not really news, confirmations perhaps because clearly with this amount of new premiums it was clear most of them would end up as lootbox-only tanks.

    I’m curious to hear more about what’s going on at WG though. I get that some devs may be unhappy about some game design choices lately, but management issues sound like a problem unrelated to the game itself entirely. D

  4. I have long since suspected that many of Wargaming’s problems are due to poor management. I have seen something similar at my place of work; a whole department produced fuck-up after fuck-up, there was lots of infighting and everybody was demoralized … eventually the responsible manager was replaced and the problems ended almost overnight. Let’s hope WG will get their shit together and do what is necessary. These absurd mistakes like the recent epic fails surrounding the sale of the King Tiger are hurting the company; this has to stop.

    As to the lootboxes – is anybody surprised? I mean – really?

  5. Yes! More lootboxes, maybe EU will finally take notice at the gambling shit show that is WOT and will tax them as they deserve.

  6. I’m not surprised to get the confirmation that some of the newer premiums are planned to be lootbox content. 😀 And I’m pretty sure they are going to overcomplicate the Holidy Ops even more.Just remember the fact that you had to invest even more money to get to +50% credits and all the other bonus was split between different vehicle roles.

    But for loot box content they have to buff those vehicles again. The GSOR is to bad after the nerf and the Aufkl. Panther is not fast enough and its ultra low dpm for that low alpha is a no go.

    1. Overly complicated? Nah. Now go and read our easy-to-understand 80 page Christmas user manual, written by the dedicated people who brought you the reform of the tech trees.

  7. Not the CONTENT of the lootboxes are the Problem. But the lootboxes itself. Next to horrible Maps, no real game development. Next to an unhidden arrogance ref. the playerbase. I like the game, played it on NA since 2011… it was new, promising, interesting in the beginning. Now ? repetitive, and after reaching t10 u feel disappointed , asking urself : and that was worth all this time ( and Maybe Money). they have no interesting game mode, and those ( Frontline) which could have been, just temporarly existing, horrible sience fiction 2 event2 instead those good old funny ones… no, i guess, they don t have a clue how to Keep this game running. and to move to kiev is just to move from one mafia Country to the next… sad, but i guess if they continue like this the downfall is already visible

  8. I call Bullshit on GSOR, or AFK Panther being in some lootboxes Also Cobra is in a very unfinished state.

    This blog will once again show that it is like the TMZ of WoT

    1. Go back to that wg shill, quickybaby.
      The reason he made that panther reward video is because he needs to pay his mortgage and views=money.
      He only cares about money at this point.
      He fully knows that the reward will be that garbage chafee.

      1. Didn’t even know that QB made a video about the Panther. Also where the fuck did i indicate that the AFK Panther would be the well deserved reward? In my eyes it will be neither in the boxes nor in the reward.

        Nice to see how you react.

        1. Wasn’t it already known for months that the super chaffee would be the well-deserved reward? Pretty sure I’ve known that for a few months now.

          As for the other tanks being in the lootboxes: I dunno, some don’t really look balanced yet in the state I last saw them in, and the aufklärung got posted only very recently with its supertest stats too (6 nov) and has way too high camo.

          And wargaming putting new premiums in the surprise mechanics; that surprises nobody.

      1. I haven’t sworn a single time in the post. I guess the truth hurts for the blog author.

          1. I would if I could see it. The main point of it was that this supposed leaker was stating the obvious the whole time and said nothing new so he is either an impostor or the whole post is fake and just a guessing job.

            1. Unfortunately it seem like Lamer_J and other WG forum staff moderates TAP. So be careful what you say as they link your IP with your account with WG. I think Lamer_J has got a few ppl banned xd

              1. You know that the guys “acting” like WG Forum mods aren’t actually the guys.

                1. Why not? We are talking about a Belarus dictatorship company here (i.e. neo-KGB/Sovietism) it’s a solid case of anti-democratic censorship of free speech.

                  1. So a “dictatorship company” uses people not working for them on an external blog that isn’t hostet in Belarus to censor? Yeah makes total sense.

                    Truly the possibility that someone acts like another person on the internet (maybe because said person banned them in the Forums) is way out of reach. I mean who would lie on the internet anyway.

    1. Piroman was way too honest and shouldn’t have quit even if he felt guilty.

  9. HAHAHA Leak from angry employee HAHAHA I bet this is another shit trick from those crooks at WG to sell more and more lootboxes.

  10. Sort of makes sense, it’s a good candidate as fodder to pad out the lootbox ‘rewards’ with shite that pass as a ‘prize’, lessen the chances of winning the good tank and will have players throwing more money at them.

  11. Just so you all know the US Government is looking into loot boxes as online gambling ( much like Belgium did).
    So if they have there way one of two things will happen, one they will go away unless they show you what is in the box before you buy it or two WG will have to pay for a online gambling licenses which then will take them out of online gaming all together.
    They will be labeled as a gambling site and no longer a gaming site, this means no-one under 21 in some states can play the game= all the kids ( money cows ) will go away.

    1. The US are nothing to WoT
      The biggest player population is the RU region, the biggest spenders are in the EU region. The US cluster is here to be milked and that’s it, you probably notice it with how things are run there compared to other regions too.

      Also they already had to deal with anti-lootbox justice, in belgium, and their response was simply to not enable lootboxes for belgium. That’s less money for WG but less content for the player, and no lawsuits or bad advertising for WG. If the US starts causing problems with this mechanic they’ll probably simply do the same and you’ll just not get them. And if this ends up being too big a loss for WG, the region’s infrastructure will be downgraded to pay the price, as there’s no point for them to maintain it if it doesnt earn them money.

    1. Yeah. Stop the Count. I really cant understand why they haven’t stopped to count while Trump was leading in the election. Next time just stop counting after the very first vote and make sure this vote is for Trump. Then you would have no problems anymore. Case closed.

      1. Discussions of politics are not allowed. Your will receive a warning point if you continue.

  12. Good thing:
    Since GSOR 1008 is out of the question, it is very likely that the marathon at the end of this month is for the new Italian HT.

    Bad thing:
    Seems like well deserved reward for me is another useless garage slot (super chaffe sucks: lame name, lame look and I don’t even bother to check the stats). I already have over 110 empty garage slots… it would be perfect if I can shavel all this up into WG’s arse.

  13. Unhappy with “management” so he leaks info about the X-mas event, which gets people talking about the game? Is this a weird deliberate leak or the dumbest leaker in human history?

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