WoWS ST, changes to attack aircraft

In the near future a closed test of concept of the following changes to attack aircraft will be conducted:

  • The length of attack animation is increased by 2.5 – 3 times: rockets are launched with a delay after the left mouse button is pressed;
  • The speed at which crosshair is reducing is increased, and the penalty to reduction for maneuvering is lowered.
  • Markers showing the exact spot which each rocket will hit are added. This markers are shown not only for the aircraft carrier player, but also to the ships which are being attacked.

The change to the shape of attack aircraft crosshair in Update 0.9.7 gave destroyers a possibility to stick to a common tactic to avoid rocket attacks. During the test, ships — especially destroyers — will have more time to react and it will be easier for them to lower or completly evade damage from rockets with the correct maneuver, and changes to the crosshair will make starting an attack run easier for aircraft carriers.

Please note that if the results are positive at the end of the test, detailed information about the future usage of this concept will follow. All information in the development blog is preliminary and subject to change during testing. Any showcased features may or may not end up on the main server.

2 thoughts on “WoWS ST, changes to attack aircraft

  1. I see, they are trying to give the DDs a slight chance to dodge incoming attacks, might give DDs a slightly increased chance to perform a successful direct attack run at the carrier but the major problems are still not addressed
    » the extreme survivability of aircraft
    » the incredible rate at which they can be deployed

    it is not a easy job to balance carriers but at the very least they could decrease the replenish speed of the squadrons to better “emulate” how IRL the attacks were done in massive waves, often with no results, and then taking hours to recover all of those squadrons

  2. Aircraft with limit amount of planes was a massive balance.. But wg removed that so carriers got retardedly op return the airplane limits and this patch of delays and watch planes and carriers be balanced again.. I would say 15 squadrons would be enough.

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