WoT: Winter Marathon

At the very end of November (along with the well-deserved 2020 reward), we are expecting a winter marathon for a tier VIII tank.

It will take place from November 27 (FRI) to December 7 (MON) — 10 days.
Whether there will be a unique style for the tank is unknown.

18 thoughts on “WoT: Winter Marathon

  1. Let me guess, the reward will be Italian Heavy coinciding with the release of the branch?

  2. Do you have a source? I thought of this as well a couple of weeks back. It would logically align with the current and upcoming events and be running alongside BP season 3.

    1. Don’t really need a source as they’ve consistently done marathons in November to December for the past 5 to 6 years.

      Couple that with the fact the Italian heavies are set for release in December and anyone with half a brain cell could put two and two together.

      1. I am referring to the challenges ”marathons” in their current state, how is that consistent. I am merely asking for a substance to the claim there will be a marathon. Now it’s just a guess..

  3. New Bonus Code: 2020GOHOME
    7 Days Premium Account
    3x Stimulants for Mirny-13
    1x Camo “Home Sweet Home”

    1. Hey, thanks for this! I got ‘homesweethome style’ and 7(!) days of prem time! :O

    2. 3x stimulants for Mirny-13 we got every day and code doesn’t give us them. Only 7 days of premium acc and cammo “Home Sweet Home”.

  4. Likely the italian premium. Which is actually good news because it means we won’t have to gamble in lootboxes in order to obtain it, we can just pay upfront or even grind for a discount. This is the best way to do it tbh.

  5. Definitely not Progetto C 45 (new Italian HT). Cause it’s Belarus WG (the worst of jews soviet mongolians). That thing has to be in Xmas gamble boxes (remember Obj 703 & USSR double barrels? New content to do with a new tech tree must go dat way).

    It should be GSOR 1008 (British TD): relatively new & not that good or important, typical victim of marathons (there are exceptions. I know.).

  6. most likely the Pizza heavy as they did the same thing when the pizza mediums came out.

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