Mirny-13 – Stimulant price

A commander can be sent into battle once a day without any cost. After that, each time a commander is sent into battle on the same day, a Stimulant needs to be used. Each Stimulant cost is larger per battle, and the maximum price is 225k credits for the fourth stimulant used that day.

Recently we have decided to give 3 Stimulants for free to everyone upon login each day. This way, the first 3 Stimulants are free of charge for all of you and the fourth one is 225k credits.

Thank you for your understanding,

Player Support Team

PS: A micropatch was implemented today.

14 thoughts on “Mirny-13 – Stimulant price

  1. we are wargaming we cant make a timed event playable in the amount you want to, nah dude, fuck you, go ahead and spend credits on a mode you have no chance to win because our playerbase is either fucking 6 months old chimpanzees or degenerated fucking 60 year olds who have absolutely zero fucking clue about the whole game, none of them even willing to learn a bit but hey tanks go brrrr haha and back to garage after 2 shots haha, lets ruin the others game by being only a fucking handicap haha, but hey, lets degrade the game year by year by making it easier, dumber and lets give everyone 100000 blueprints because tier 10 is the place to learn to play isnt it, fuck this fucking game and fuck all of the dudes who have fun by looking at the sky and buildings while fucking dying in ranked

  2. Hey wg.. Give all of us 25 stims instead you cheating bastards.. once a day so we dont HAVE to pay for it.. 5 for each tank or 25 for all one tank.. Greedy bastards..

    ffs coulda dont 3 then keep the new stims 10k, 20k, 30k, stopping at 50k.. God damn morons i sware..

  3. This reminds me of the fuel system used in Ace Combat Infinity – IIRC you had two units of free fuel per day, and had to buy more with real cash if you wanted to play more.

    Needless to say, the playerbase was not amused.

    1. I still don’t know how that game was profitable enough to even pay development of AC7

      1. Probably lots and lots of microtransaction like most other “free2play” online games. AC being a beloved franchise, the fans just had to have a go.

        I still don’t know why people hype AC7 so much (except for the DLC missions, those are awesome), but I still cling to the PS2 golden age so I’m biased.

  4. Is there any point in going up the levels once you have the camos? I ask because the ones we win are the basic version and the ones on the tanks are currently level 2 and look a lot better.

  5. first they anounce stimulants will increase their price with each use…..like 25k,50k,125,225….in reality they fudge it up and all cost 225000….fudgetards WG

    I also agree it encourages illegal drug use.

    Same as illegal gambling with lootboxes

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