WoT: Removal of King Tiger (C) – 23rd October 2020

„Please note that the King Tiger (C) was removed from the Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime) packages on 23rd October 2020.

The King Tiger (C) will be removed from all accounts as according to the following news:

Player Support”

The Fate of the King Tiger (C)

As we continue to provide you with the Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime) packages, it’s time to say goodbye to a vehicle that’s become a dear friend to many, the VIIKing Tiger (Captured). The tank’s been part of every single package for more than a year, and now that his watch is finally over, new exciting chapters are coming your way in the World of Tanks and Prime Gaming story. But for now, thank you, Tiger, for your long and awesome journey!

Make sure to claim the contents of the Starlight Kit from September 17 through October 22!

22 thoughts on “WoT: Removal of King Tiger (C) – 23rd October 2020

  1. Let me guess: Who wants to get the tank again has to buy it?
    There is no reason for me to use twitch prime for WG besides this tank.

    1. Twitch prime has better offers like 3 skills crew members and 2x crew xp all the time.

      This tank is good, but cant say that better than Tiger P

      1. My thoughts:”Is this tank really compared with trash tiger p??”. Listening to you, I just checked the detailed performance of this tank. The performance of this tank was worse than I thought. It looked good when I faced this tank in the game, but now I won’t buy it if you ask me to pay for it.

  2. I recall they said that in the event of the twitch prime thing being discontinued, the KTC would become a permanent tank for its owners and not be linked to Amazon anymore.

    Why the fuck are they removing it then?

      1. well technically the partnership didn’t end and they just remove the tank from the goodies list.

        1. “they just remove the tank from the goodies list.”

          Ummmm no. Did you miss “The King Tiger (C) will be removed from all accounts as according to the following news:”

          1. but they didn’t end Prime Gaming, which is \what i think they are referring to, merely changed what you get from Prime Gaming.

  3. Mine was removed over a month ago, but I still see them in battles almost everyday. I still haven’t got the chance to get 3rd mark on it yet.

  4. My guess is that Wargaming will also remove or postpone Black Market. Also rarely get bonds from daily missions.

    1. They better do, so I can sort the new hosting out and prevent site server overload from extra traffic.

  5. They won’t get rid of Black Market, it Wargaming’s way of getting rid of excess coin and gold from Xmas loot boxes and missions.

  6. Glad I don’t play this miserable game anymore! WG decided to ban me for use of legit mods from their own fkn website so I laugh hard every time something like this happens! GG bots, have fun in a worthless game of uselessness lol

    1. you are not playing this worthless game, call everyone a bot, yet you still come here to check the news, you are just a clown bud

  7. Me: What? This is outrageous, how can it be in the game and not be allowed to keep it? WG: Take a seat, young player.

  8. during the wt event i bought a box and in a box was the king tiger c …….. at the time i had the tank in the garage. was that a typical wg joke again or it will be in my garage stay????
    I’m curious

  9. It was removed from my account even though I still have Prime and my account is still linked and has always been linked since I claimed the 1st package.
    Incompetent idiots, as one should expect from WG retards.

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