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It’s time to celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year with World of Tanks!

Get ready to try out an exciting new PvE mode where you’ll battle the supernatural and unravel the secrets behind the abnormal events that occurred in the forbidden town of Mirny-13.


October 26, 2020, 05:30 UTC through November 9, 2020, 05:30 UTC

Event Summary

  • This Co-op PvE Halloween mode lasts two weeks, from October 26 through November 9.
  • Access the mode via the Halloween-themed banner in the lower-right corner of your Garage.

  • Fight as a Platoon of up to five players in the recently abandoned town of Mirny-13.
  • Choose from three difficulty levels—the higher the difficulty, the higher the stakes.
  • Jump into five specially adapted vehicles:
    • Three are available instantly.
    • Two require mission completion or gold to unlock them.
  • Outwit and destroy up to seven types of AI bots, each with their own unique behaviors, roles, and attacks. One foe is indestructible.
  • Your task is to escape Mirny-13 alive while also destroying armored enemies to obtain a strange substance known as Mirium.
    • Deliver Mirium to a special Collector called Magnus, shown on your minimap, before time runs out.
    • Once Magnus is filled with Mirium, you will be able to teleport to a new dimension, or Phase, where Mirium is in abundance, but so are the enemies!

    • Power up your vehicle! You’ll only survive by picking up Anomalies from defeated enemies.
    • Use a mix of team and personal consumables to increase your chances of survival.
    • There is a post-battle cooldown for commanders leaving Mirny-13. Either wait or purchase Stimulants using credits in order to enter Mirny-13 again. You can also get Stimulants from daily missions played in Random Battles.
    • Earn Commander XP depending on the amount of Mirium collected. Use it to upgrade the Commander. Each Commander level reached will reward you with event currency—Coins.
    • Complete three types of Battle Missions to earn Coins, credits, and much more.
    • Exchange Coins for a load of spooky rewards in the Event Store.
    • Nine unique 3D styles are available to unlock or purchase during the event.
      • Four (including three horror-themed styles by Masahiro Ito) will be available for gold.
      • Five can be purchased using Coins earned in the mode.

      Mirny-13 is an extremely dangerous place, so gather your friends and try to stick together on the map. It will be a hopeless battle for lone wolves, but as a Platoon, you can effectively fight enemies and get to Magnus in a timely manner. The Mirium from defeated enemies will drop for all players who damaged them, so you don’t have to compete for it. Make active use of the reworked in-game battle communication system. It will definitely help you survive and succeed.

Choose Your Difficulty Level!

There are three difficulty levels available: one-star, two-star, and three-star. The higher the difficulty, the stronger the enemies and the more valuable the rewards for a victorious battle. But don’t be deceived, as even the “one-star” difficulty level will be quite challenging for many commanders, so never let your guard down! Get ready to fight with all your might to reach the end and escape from Mirny-13 alive.

To unlock the two-star difficulty, you need to win the battle twice on one-star difficulty. To access the third and hardest difficulty level, you must win twice at two-star difficulty. You can choose the difficulty level in your Garage before heading to Mirny-13.

Phase Teleportation

There will be several Phases you need to go through to return home. When playing on the one-star difficulty level, you will have to fight through 3 Phases. For two-star and three-star, survive 4 Phases.

For each Phase, Magnus consumes exactly as much Mirium as it takes to move on to the next Phase, so you can save any excess. Therefore, the more Mirium you collect, the easier it will be during the next Phase because with each new Phase, the amount of Mirium required for teleportation increases. Take your time to complete each Phase and maximize your advantage!

With each new Phase, it will be harder to survive as the enemies will become stronger and battles with them will sap more and more of your strength. Visibility will also get worse due to the dense fog that thickens over the town with each subsequent Phase.


During each Phase, you may encounter an anomaly—a special entity that appears after you have destroyed or damaged some enemies. Once activated, the anomaly increases a certain characteristic of your tank, granting bonuses until the end of the battle or until your vehicle is destroyed. Anomalies teleport with you from Phase to Phase throughout the battle. But while their effects stack, they don’t apply to other players’ tanks. Don’t forget about them, especially during the first Phases—they will greatly help you on your dangerous journey.

There are 9 types of anomalies in the mode, and each of them improves a specific parameter of your vehicle. Check them out.

Anomaly Type Increased Parameter Effect
Machine Gun

Reload time +15% to reloading speed
Hammer Thrower

Damage +5% chance to cause +20% bonus damage

Speed +10% to engine power and turret traverse
Vampire Bite

HP Steals hit points upon penetration of enemies, recovering 20% ​​of damage taken
Hot Needle

Damage +5% chance to set an enemy on fire
Ceramic Core

Damage +20% to damage caused

Aiming time –15% to dispersion while moving or turning

Crew +15% to crew performance

HP +10 hit points restored every 2.5 seconds
At the start of the battle, each tank will get a random anomaly. You can pick up more anomalies as you go. They will stay with you throughout the battle.

Discover the Secrets of Mirny-13!

Together with Mirium, pieces of the story of Mirny-13 (Testimonies) will randomly drop from some of the defeated enemies. Collect them to combine the disparate elements into a single picture and solve the enigma of the forbidden town.


During each Phase, new enemies will confront you. They will be stronger and more numerous than before, so each battle will be different from the previous one. Explore Mirny-13, coordinate closely with your teammates, and don’t forget to arrive at Magnus on time!

Amount of Mirium that is needed to complete a Phase depending on the difficulty level:

Minimum risk
Increased risk
Maximum risk


This year, the Halloween event will feature improved AI-driven enemy models. Your adversaries will be smarter, perform several roles on the battlefield, demonstrate individual behaviors, and react differently to your presence. Check them out.

Also, you’ll face a powerful enemy known as The Immortal. It cannot be destroyed, so don’t even try! You can only run away from the Immortal. If you linger, things will go very badly for you. The Immortal has an aura that will gradually steal your collected Mirium. Once your Mirium is depleted, the aura will begin to deal direct HP damage.

A Master’s Touch

This year, we teamed up with Ito Masahiro, the art director of the first three Silent Hill games, and Akira Yamaoka, a world-famous video game music composer and sound designer. He also worked as a producer on the Silent Hill series, as well as served as a composer.

Both legendary masters were directly involved in the development of the Halloween mode. Ito Masahiro had a hand, among other things, in the design of the supernatural enemies, while Akira Yamaoka collaborated closely with our sound team to create a spooky yet captivating soundtrack. Expect to see spectacular visuals and your favorite tanks as you’ve never seen them before, all while listening to some of the most immersive music in World of Tanks!

Speaking of Ito Masahiro’s contributions to the Halloween mode, we must mention three gorgeous 3D styles for German tanks ( VIII Panther II , the IX E 50 , and the X E 50 Ausf. M ), created with the participation of this iconic game developer. They will be available for gold throughout the event right in your Halloween Garage. You will also have the opportunity to get a fourth spectacular 3D custom look for the X Leopard 1 .

  • Panther II
  • E 50
  • 50 Ausf. M
  • Leopard 1

Special Vehicles

In this mode, five familiar vehicles specially prepared for survival in the extreme conditions of Mirny-13 will be available. The following vehicles will be instantly available in the mode’s Garage:

  • Hornet: a speedy and maneuverable light tank with an autoloader
  • Cerberus: a versatile medium tank with a solid turret and high rate of fire
  • Goliath: a menacing heavy tank with high alpha damage and good speed

You will also have the opportunity to roll into battle in two even more formidable vehicles:

  • Malachite: a medium tank with increased durability and accelerated repair of damaged modules
  • Grenadier: a light tank featuring an accurate HE autoreloader

You can access these vehicles by completing special combat missions in the mode. You can also access them immediately for gold or when buying one of our in-game bundles.

Each tank has its own gameplay features. You can unlock these great armored hunters by completing special combat missions (more on them below) in the mode or get them immediately using gold or by purchasing special bundles. As a nice bonus for players, the Commanders of these two armored explorers will receive additional Commander XP and Coins (read about them below) at the beginning of the battle.

Stimulants & Commander Experience Boosters

Since Mirny-13 has a very high level of electromagnetic radiation, the Commander of the tank in which you played needs time to recover from acute radiation poisoning after each battle. That means the vehicle won’t be available for battle for some time*.

However, you can instantly recover your vehicle’s Commander by using credits to purchase a Stimulant. The cost of purchasing each Stimulant will be higher than the previous one. You can also earn more Stimulants by completing special daily missions in Random Battles. Some of these daily missions will reward you with Commander Experience Boosters, which are boosters that activate before heading into battle. They double your Commander XP for that battle. You can get Commander Experience Boosters as part of event bundles or by purchasing them individually.

Recovery # Stimulant Cost (Credits)
1 25,000
2 75,000
3 135,000
4 and above 225,000
Cooldown is reset every day and gradually increases after each battle, regardless of whether you waited for the end of the cooldown or paid for the recovery of your Commander. Recovery takes no more than 24 hours and is reset once a day.


To increase your chances of survival in Mirny-13 and to fight enemies more effectively, be sure to use special consumables. 2 types of Team consumables (giving bonuses to you and the entire team) and 4 types of Personal consumables (giving bonuses to only your tank) will be available.

Consumable Effect Type
Born Ready!

Allows you to instantly reload your gun Personal
Emergency Repairs

Restores HP, repairs your tank, and heals crew members Personal
Energy Shield

Grants invulnerability for 7 seconds Personal

Increases acceleration and damage from ramming Personal
Field Repairs 

Restores HP to any player within range Team
Emergency Kit

Instantly repairs all players’ damaged tank modules within range Team
The use of both types of consumables is limited by the cooldown that begins after their effect is over.

Also, by default, all players will have a passive Phoenix ability. Like the mythical bird, your destroyed tank will rise again in the next Phase with 50% of its initial HP, as long as your allies manage to complete the current Phase. In addition, after teleporting to the next Phase, you and your allies will each recover 50% of their initial HP.

Progression System

At the end of the battle, you get rewards in the form of credits, XP, and Free XP. The higher the difficulty, the more credits and XP you earn, and the faster you can upgrade your Commander.

Depending on the amount of Mirium collected, you will get Commander XP to upgrade the Commander of your vehicle. From battle to battle, their level will increase, and for each new level achieved, you will receive the event’s currency—Coins.

The Commanders of the Malachite and the Grenadier earn more Coins at the start of the battle. Starting from Level 5, all vehicles earn the same number of Coins.

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6+
Number of Coins
Hornet 1 2 3 5 9 9
Cerberus 1 2 3 5 9 9
Goliath 1 2 3 5 9 9
Malachite 3 4 5 7 9 9
Grenadier 3 4 5 7 9 9
Commander XP 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500

You can exchange Coins for exclusive 3D styles and other stuff in the event store. Styles will be complemented by unique custom crew members as New Recruits who you can move to any tank in your Garage. Five tanks are available during the event, so you can get five cool 3D styles and five custom crew members with enough XP to learn three perks.

Battle Missions

Three types of combat missions are available in the mode:

  • Daily Missions
  • Missions for Commitment (cumulative missions)
  • Missions for Mastery (domination missions)

You will also have access to daily missions in Random Battles to earn Stimulants and Commander Experience Boosters.

Each new mission will unlock, in succession, when the previous mission of its type is completed.

  • Daily Missions earn credits and are available once a day.
  • Completing the Missions for Commitment will reward you with Coins and a special badge. They will also unlock the Grenadier, a light tank featuring an HE autoreloader.
  • Having completed the Missions for Mastery, you will receive Coins, another cool badge, event style elements*, and an additional unique 2D custom look for Random Battles. Fulfilling these missions will also unlock the Malachite, a versatile medium tank.
As you complete the Missions for Mastery, you will gradually unlock special style elements that will automatically be applied to your event vehicles. These elements are intended to be used by event vehicles only and cannot be applied to other tanks in your Garage.


The main rewards of the most supernatural event in World of Tanks are:

They can be purchased in the event store using Coins earned by completing combat missions.

  • M103
  • AMX 13 90
  • Centurion Mk. 7/1
  • T-54
  • T49

  • 5 unique custom crew members with 3 perks. They complement the 3D styles above and accompany them as a set.




U.S.A. 1


U.S.A. 2




  • Another stunning 2D custom look for Random Battles.
  • Exclusive medals and badges.
Scout of Mirny-13 Veteran of Mirny-13 Hero of Mirny-13 Legend of Mirny-13
The Walk Through the Darkest Valley We Will Not Fear
  • Personal Reserves for credits, a load of Crew Books, and other valuable in-game stuff.
  • And don’t forget about the three mind-blowing 3D styles for German tanks (the Panther II, the E 50, and the E 50 Ausf. M), created with the participation of the legendary Ito Masahiro.


Mirny-13 features an incredible soundtrack composed with the participation of the legendary Akira Yamaoka. Listen to these spooky yet captivating tunes to immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of the abandoned Mirny-13!

Known Issues

  • Mirny-13 is an innovative game mode with new mechanics, stunning visuals, and complex gameplay settings. Players with low-spec CPUs and graphics cards may experience some stability and performance issues (including FPS drops) when running the mode. To avoid them and play with maximum comfort, change the graphics settings in your game client in accordance with the capabilities of your CPU and graphics card.
  • You may have to wait a bit longer on the day the event starts. If the waiting time for entering Mirny-13 is too long, consider playing a battle or two in Random Battles and earning Commander Experience Boosters and Stimulants as rewards instead. These items will help you fight your enemies with the greatest effectiveness once you are able to enter the mode.
  • Sometimes, you may encounter short-term freezes and FPS drops at the beginning of a new Phase.
  • Halloween 2020 mode doesn’t support the Anonymizer feature.
  • Halloween 2020 mode supports replays. However, unexpected game client crashes and errors in displaying various interface elements when rewinding replays are possible.
  • You may also encounter some UI glitches when running the mode at a low display resolution.


Try out the new Halloween mode with improved AI enemies, explore the forbidden town, and earn yourself formidable 3D styles and other cool rewards!

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  1. Thank you for the synopsis of the event TAP. I’ll have a quick go to see what the ‘grind’ for the crewmembers is like and to test the gamemode… purely out of curiosity but it’s shaping up to be another forgetful WoT event.

    The ‘cooldown mechanics’ alone are an absurd form of gatekeeping in this day and age.

    “PLAY OUR GAME!!11! But only when we want you to, peasant!”


  2. The event went live today in NA, and is a disaster, the cooldown is 24 hours for each commander.
    If you heal a commander with credits the healing price increases for all the other commanders aswell.
    And players aren’t getting credits or XP after the game. (I know I didnt after 3 games)

  3. Jesus, what a shame, they never make a decent thing, is so disgusting that you dont even need to play 3 matches to realize what a complete failure it is!
    Is it too much ask WG to be competent?
    The way WG fail is so miserable, pity.

  4. Tried playing this, it’s somehow even worse than the mode from two years ago. Very impressive Wargaming!

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