WoT Prime Gaming Queen Maeve Kit Now Available

As a reminder, you need to link your Amazon account (and not your Twitch account as was used before) to your Wargaming.net account to claim your free stuff.

One (1) unique “Queen Maeve” 2D style suiting any vehicle
One (1) unique Commander, Queen Maeve, with Sixth Sense as the zero Perk, Jack of All Trades and Repair
One (1) “Queen Maeve” Medal
One (1) Day of WoT Premium Account
10 missions for x5 XP when victorious

3 thoughts on “WoT Prime Gaming Queen Maeve Kit Now Available

  1. The camo looked quite good on the TOG picture on here , but in reality the camo is too large and the colours need to be a bit more subdued for it to look decent. A shame. It was almost good.

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