6 thoughts on “„Levantine Viper” Style for T-100 LT Pictures

  1. i like it. i would even pay 15 € for it but i would NEVER EVER waste bonds on camo. really WG, stop the madness….

  2. oh and i would appreciate if you would put a little bit more work into it. it’s woodland only. snow and desert are again missing…

  3. I have money, and im ok throw my money to wg. But why wg always sell t10 3d style for time limited or special exclusive? for this time, they force us using our bonds, the most time wasted ingame goods. I played wot for few years, This whole marketing strategy seems like “asian casino mobile game market”. Mobile game loves “limited sales”.

    Hell, i mean, this game have a huge stress because of “rng” from in game systems. And wg make even more pressure by game economic and exclusive, limted bullshit things. Player will geting tired this kind of things. And they leave a game. Of course, wot already loose many players in the all around of worlds.(only rus server are fine) gj wg.

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