300 WG employees moved from Minsk to Kiev

According to media reports, Wargaming has moved about 200-300 employees from its Minsk office to Kiev.

Wargaming, the developer of the popular game World of Tanks, moved about 200-300 employees to the Kiev office. This is written by the profile publication AIN.UA with reference to several anonymous sources.

It is not known whether these employees will remain in Kiev for a long time or will eventually return to Minsk, the newspaper said. It is also reported that the company plans to move about 500 more employees with their families to Vilnius (Lithuania).

In total, the Minsk office of Wargaming employs 2000 people (working specifically on WoT). Previously, the company has already considered Kiev as one of the possible locations for moving. Currently, the company considered options for relocating employees to Kiev, St. Petersburg, and Nicosia.

In response to a request from, the company said it would not comment on this topic.

Wargaming has a Kiev Studio that employs about 400 people. The office of the Kiev branch of the company is located in the Podil city center.


10 thoughts on “300 WG employees moved from Minsk to Kiev

  1. Democracy demands blood. Looks like Wg doesn’t want to any bleed. simple is that.

  2. this is a great thing wargamming is doing for its employees, with how bad the situation in minsk is the fact that they are willing to move their employees and their families.

  3. Say what you will about WG, they haven’t gotten to were they are by being stupid.

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