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Good news for clan players!

The social aspects of being in a clan are just as important as the competitive elements. This is especially true for small clans that find it difficult to compete for supremacy on the Global Map and during other intense activities. We want to help such clans become more competitive, as well as develop and fortify their Stronghold. In addition, we’d like each clan player to feel valued and important in their clan as they help it become more powerful while earning nice prizes along the way.

With this in mind, we’re launching Tour of Duty, a new activity for clan players that will take place at regular intervals. During this activity, clanmates will work together to gain glory on the battlefield and get valuable rewards. Let’s take a closer look.

Join Tour of Duty!

Available with the release of Update 1.10.1 and kicking off on October 26, Tours of Duty are regularly occurring game activities for clan players. Some of their missions can be completed solo in Random Battles, while others will require playing in Platoons with your clanmates or in Clan Battles. Each Tour of Duty will last two weeks. When the activity ends, it restarts and your progress from the previous launch is reset, so you can earn a new bunch of prizes from the activity’s reward pool.

Contribute to Your Clan and Redeem Rewards!

Tour of Duty will feature two types of missions—personal and clan—each with their own progression bars.

You can take on Tasks to get Personal Contribution points during the activity, as well as Tour of Duty Progression points. Completing them will earn you clan customization items—emblems, inscriptions, and camos. You’ll be able to complete Tasks in Random Battles and some other game modes (see below for details), depending on their conditions.

Now let’s talk about the Tour of Duty Progression. These missions will net Industrial Resource for your clan, as well as some additional goodies for your personal use. You can advance through the Progression in two ways:

  1. Fulfill Tasks. Feel free to complete them by playing solo in Random Battles at your leisure. You will earn a small number of Progression points for your clan.
  2. Complete Tour Objectives. These special clan missions are performed in Platoons with your clanmates and in various clan modes. Tour Objectives require more engagement and dedication, but they reward you with more Progression points, enabling you to make a more significant contribution to your clan.

How Can I Start Playing?

Open the Clans tab in your Garage to access the Clan Dashboard. There you will find a new block dedicated to the Tour of Duty activity where your current mission conditions and the upcoming rewards will be displayed. By clicking on it, you’ll get more detailed info about your Personal Contribution, Tour of Duty Progression, and other necessary information.

The duration of a Tour is two weeks. Once the current Tour is over, the next Tour begins. Your Personal Contribution and achievements during the previous Tour will be reset, and you can start earning prizes from a new reward pool.


Depending on their conditions, you can complete Tasks in:

  • Random Battles (some may be completed in Grand Battles)
  • Frontline and Ranked Battles

In total, you will have access to three Tasks that may be repeatable. Once you complete a set of three Tasks, three new ones will become available to you.

Tour Objectives

Tour Objectives will be available

  • in Skirmishes
  • in Advances
  • on the Global Map
  • when playing in Platoons with your clanmates

Tour Objectives must be completed together with your clan members. All points you earn go towards Progression. However, you can complete Stronghold-related Objectives by playing as a legionnaire for other clans.

Each clan can complete 2 Tour Objectives a certain number of times per day. The conditions of Tour Objectives will be refreshed daily, whether you’ve completed the previous ones or not.

If you want to know more, you can read about the different types of missions in our comprehensive guide on the portal.


You can get separate sets of rewards for reaching Personal Contribution and Progression milestones. Personal Contribution rewards include various customization items for your vehicles, as mentioned above.

For example, if your clan has already gained enough Progression points to redeem a Bounty, you still need to get a required amount of Personal Contribution points to claim it.

Take on Tour of Duty, contribute to your clan, and redeem rewards!

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  1. after playing for 10 years, this is exactly what i want, sticker for my tank.

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