Mirny-13 Event Vehicles Preview

     By now, it’s most likely not a secret to you that Wargaming is going to add a Halloween event very shortly in 2020. However, with some of Wargaming’s recent activities, some of you may have noticed, that some of the events lately have contained a storyline, continuity, and lore, that ties multiple events together. So far they have dropped many hints about what the new event could be. It would be overreaching at best to speculate how the mode would work, but a lot of the vehicles are easy to understand if you are willing to hear me out and use your imagination a little.

Reactor Core from the trailer

The more eagle-eyed of you may have noticed this frame in the trailer when you first watched it. The tanks have energy weapons on them, the same type of weapons that the T-55 Thunderbolt had in The Last Waffenträger event that ended recently. Even more difficult to notice, there are many hints and suggestions in that recent event saying Von Krieger managed to turn into a pure energy form somehow. So is the reactor Von Krieger himself? I mean, when you defeat the Waffenträger in the event he insists that was not the last you will see more of him.

Object 017-F”Hedgehog” and Fireball

Object 0009-H”Hunter” and Walküre

     I don’t think Wargaming was fooling anybody with the “Hedgehog”, or Object 017 F if you prefer, it’s obvious that’s a Steel Hunter Fireball, but I don’t think they were trying to. As you can see, the Object 0009-H “Hunter” looks very similar to the Walküre, further connecting this event with Von Kreiger. In the video introducing the Last Waffenträger game mode, it said that Max Von Hoffman, the commander of the Walküre, had changed his name to Max Von Kreiger. His involvement in the event seems more than likely.

     There are also other tanks involved with the event, codenamed “Rabbit”, “Guard”, “Immortal”, and “Mosquito”. I was quick to notice that the Object 008-R “Rabbit” seems identical in appearance and behavior to the Luchs WT, save for the fire trail. I’m willing to bet the fire trail causes damage.

     The reactor looks very similar to the vault from the Dark Front game mode back in 2018, and it could behave similarly, or it could belong to the enemy forces? This one is very difficult to say for certain, but it’s worth considering. This event so far has elements of The Dark Front game-mode, The Last Waffenträger game-mode, and even Steel Hunter, it will be very interesting to see what mechanics from each mode make it into the end product.

     The 10th-anniversary celebration WoT has done recently left much of the player base somewhat disappointed, but I think they are just getting started. With a storyline like this, continuity, and lore, Wargaming is using a genius strategy to generate more interest and enthusiasm. What they are doing is really working to help many older players fall back in love with this game. They are doing a good job and I hope they keep doing things like this in the future. 

Object 008-R”Rabbit”

Object 0019-S”Guard”

Object 0010-M”Mosquito” and KV-2

Object 000-I”Immortal”

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    1. Really have more historical stuff then this fantasy stuff. The fantasy stuff is ok for holidays.

  1. “Object 0009-H “Hunter” looks very similar to the Walküre”

    It’s literally the E50M skin you could buy last year.

    Also the reactor core looks nothing like the Dark Runners collection spot building.

  2. I was expecting some more in-depth analysis. I’m okay with it because it does point out something I didn’t notice. But I’m sad how few of WoT community actually noticed that this is a SCP styled story. SCP Foundation is a fiction website about an organization containing supernatural objects. The Mirny-13 story is inspired by SCP from title to format and I suppose WarGaming was making this crystal clear.

    1. Because nobody fucking cares. People just want to play historical tanks and shoot things.Not this fantasy tank bullshit modes.

      1. It’s a Halloween event. Try building a Halloween event with genuine tanks.

        Oh, and I have some fantastic news for you: You don’t have to play it! At all!

        1. So why is my premium time cash being wasted on this shit? When there are unfixed bugs for years?

      2. If you want to play historical tanks, go play War Thunder. WoT is an arcade game and has long left historical accuracy behind.

    2. Chainsaws are not the answer to every question. Nor is more chainsaws. Nor is a chainsaw cannon. Except for that one time and yes it was epic.

      1. I’m happy you want to see me do better. This article did not age well as more information was available within hours of me posting it. I apologize for this uninformative article and acknowledge my full responsibility for this error.

        1. Notlistening,atleast you apologized and did not want to start a fight like some people on this site,#respect

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