Halloween Special: Fighting the Unexplored in Mirny-13 (Halloween Event Sneak Peek)

Source: EU Portal

October 26, 2020, 05:30 UTC through November 9, 2020, 05:30 UTC

Department of the Army, Combat Intelligence Surveillance

Classified Reports

Incident Location: Mirny-13

Reporter: Sergeant M., Reconnaissance Scout

Report To: Colonel N., Head of Intelligence

I must inform you that a major emergency has occurred in Mirny-13, a small oil-producing town, where numerous anomalies have appeared. Amid growing panic in Mirny-13, it was decided to evacuate the town and completely close it to the outside world. High Command sent us here on a reconnaissance mission, but we had no clear knowledge of what we were going to encounter.

Rumors are spreading amongst our troops that this emergency has something to do with the military testing ground in Arzagir, located just 21 km from Mirny-13. Despite our repeated requests, Command remains silent and stubbornly denies the occurrence of any anomalies.

After the first reconnaissance mission in Mirny-13, not all of our scouts returned. The level of electromagnetic radiation in that area many times exceeded permissible limits. I’m heading to Mirny-13 again with an intelligence tank platoon to gather the relevant information. I also request you to carefully read my previous reports below—they may contain important details we’ve missed.

Previous Reports and General Instructions

  • Location

At the end of September, we sent scouts to the town of Mirny-13, which had recently been evacuated, where massive but unsystematic anomalies were registered. Mirny-13 was populated mainly by oil workers and their families. The Arzagir military testing ground, to which access is strictly prohibited, is located 21 kilometers from Mirny-13.

Electrical appliance failures and high levels of radiation were previously noted in the town. After that, the landscape began to change—cracks appeared on the ground, from which an unexplored substance similar to oil poured out. We were able to take some pictures of the new environment with aerial photography.

When radiation levels peaked and stabilized, terrain changes stopped. We headed to Mirny-13 with a new reconnaissance mission.

  • Execution

Immediately upon arrival in the town, our platoon encountered inexplicable anomalies. The environment around us suddenly began to change right in front of us. It seemed that we were moving sequentially along several time dimensions, each of which was the gateway to the next. Successfully completing tasks in each dimension, we slowly but surely moved towards the final goal.

  • Vehicles

We went to Mirny-13 with a platoon of tanks with enhanced protection against electromagnetic radiation. They were specially upgraded to meet the extreme conditions in which we had to operate. We were also accompanied by a scientist who was carrying out additional environmental measurements.

  • Enemies

The first scouts to go to Mirny-13 faced supernatural armored objects that they had never met before. Only a few scouts from the entire unit survived. Due to the overwhelming level of radiation, they didn’t manage to capture pictures of these hostile vehicles. All that we have at the moment are freehand drawings made by one of the survivors, with brief and indistinct descriptions. Please study these materials carefully in order to be prepared for any eventuality.

Unfortunately, this is all the information that I have at my disposal at the moment. Our platoon is heading to the town to gather new intelligence. I’ll provide you with an actual report as soon as I have new information.

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