3 thoughts on “Supertest: Progetto C50 Mod.66 (Initial Stats)

  1. Given that they’re moving these through supertest fairly quickly that means we are likely to see a test server probably by the end of this month or early November.

    1. Unless they plan to release tier 8 premium in Christmas gambling boxes. In that case tech tree tanks will follow next year. Like they did with double-dildo Red Alert tanks.

      1. The tech tree tanks have always been planned for release this year ever since they were announced at WGFest 2020 earlier this year. They’ve already adjusted the stats a few times for some of them which shows they’re moving them fairly quickly through ST. On top of this the models are basically finished with only their art team finishing up the textures.

        That is why I say they will likely release them in November. You also should remember that WG doesn’t always release the premium tank ahead of time for a new tank line as sometimes its released with the new line.

        The added benefit of releasing in early November is to help maximize potential sales for the holiday season especially for Black Friday here in the US which is a prime time for making a shitload of money.

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