WoT – [RagingRaptor] Object 279 Union Mission Guide – Tips and Tricks

Hello there, and welcome the new content to replace WG’s disliked Weekly Streams. after consulting with Sebastian, we agreed on posting none other than RagingRaptor‘s content!

Reviews, guides, impressions, gameplay,  something interesting to watch everyday. As the first item in this new series here is a guide on how to get the Object 279(e), as the title implies. Enjoy!

26 thoughts on “WoT – [RagingRaptor] Object 279 Union Mission Guide – Tips and Tricks

  1. Starting the video, looking at two facts – Tier 10 vs. Tier 8, HEAT loaded from the start to punish little Tier 8 for beeing lowtier.. awesome dickhead. Disliked the video, disliking posting his videos as “news”.
    I can remember that years ago he was the same loserplebs, which got some negative comments here and you stopped your Promo-Tour for this pedoface. Here´s the comeback.. wohoo.

    1. Way better than WG videos wich are completely useless! At least the guy is doing something to help everyone achieve this tank (aka cancer!). WG do what? RNG “funny” videos? Or….. putting a pretty face doing some streams? Yes… Germia is just a pretty face because she’s not a good player tho! I think is even ridiculous using someone just to please the male crowd!… So…. Welcome RagingRaptor videos instead of WGs bullsh*t.

      1. I think you should consult your optometrist of choice if you think Hernia is pretty

    2. Imagine living a miserable life and going to TAP to insult one of the best german CCs out there even tho you dont have any reason for it except being an asshole.

      Fuck you and your toxic behaviour, youre part of the problem why online communitys are shit and not enjoyable

    3. You’re always complaining and gives no contributions or constructive feedback whatsover. You are the problem in the community.

    4. Everybody in this game has different goals and priorities.
      I am sadly no younix or how he is written. I am no skill4ltu or Daki. I do rarely play the 279 but if I do, I want to try and perform as well as possible.
      That is my goal. And Prem rounds give me the highest chance to get the maximum out of each game as it has a higher chance of penning.

      You can play the 279 however you want, that is up to you. I would really like tho that you don’t spread that much hate in the comments.
      Cheers Mate

      1. Stupidity cant be explained, its natural.
        I pick a random clip in your channel and see HEAT´s everywhere, so please – stop the blaBLAblaBLAH.

  2. i read title good some astuce for have 279 for noob like me but he use 279 for make mission 279 totaly useless

    1. But I literally give to any mission some suggestion on tanks you could use to make those missions. The 279 in the background was purely there as gameplay in the background 🙁

        1. Haha classic personal attack which means you cannot argue back and lost already.

          1. ..but it was entertaining ten times more than the pickle in the video above. 😀

  3. Hey bud. If you would watch the first 2 mins of the video you would literally hear me tell you for every mission suggestion of tanks to do the missions with. The 279 in the background was purely there to have some gameplay for people to see.

  4. While I completely support many content creator, including RR, I don’t really see the point to only see his content as it would only represent and interest a panel of people. Why not showcase somebody different each week? Would be a great occasion to meet new people and playstyle, and subscribe to their content ! Could be done by viewers voting for who it would be, you choosing, or the creators coming to you to present their contents. What do you think about all that ?
    +++ For the job done 🙂

    1. Thank you for the suggestion Alpha_DEER, the answer to your question is rather simple. RagingRaptor was the choice to replace the WG streams because he is a good content creator with enjoyable and diverse content, whom Sebastian has already made articles with in the past.
      In other words, he was the most ideal candidate.
      Although running a weekly readers’ vote would be great indeed, the final say will be Seb’s. I’ll ask him though, don’t worry.

      1. Mailand & Co created also good content, but in 2, 4 or 6 TAP-eyes they dont…
        I´m supporting the suggestion of Alpha_DEER.

  5. personally i’ve stopped to try to get the 279, missions are too boring and hard. So many times i lost missions for stupid reasons so im done. Im a 2k XWM player with all the tech tree unlocked not a noob

  6. I really appreciate that you promote CCs that really work hard and prepare their videos. You can agree or disagree with Raging Raptor but his videos are really informative and helpful. I also follow another streamers and CCs but Raging Raptor is probably the one which better explain the news and info. So yeah! To the ones that they citizen for using gold on a 279… Not even commenting because that shows that only olay that tank on their dreams. By the way Raging I obtain mine some months ago following your previous tips so thanks!!

  7. I didn’t dislike RaginRaptor at first…he is trying to help, right? I felt only something wierd while looking at him….but yesterday I saw one of his videos where he is literally crying about how he hates arties…and love EBR….and how bad are ranked with arties and some more crying….while playing EBR…he was so hurt that he can’t just go ahead with full APCR open field cos some arty would hit him…also crying about haveing to play 130 battles to reach ranked leagues…it was like “I spent too many hours playing a game it should be made easier for better player not to spend such a humongous part of life to level up in ranked”….it was so pathetic.

    The same goes to recently watching CryingBaby..seems to me he got so cocky

    I love players which will clap and give cudos to an enemy player killing them.

    Take it this way….

    There always be a tank you can cry about…usually cos you don’t have it or you suck with it

    Many broken tanks in the game

    It is a part of your skill to hit fast moving EBR for zero in his rotatory shields

    It is a part of your skill to stay arty safe

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